The Sunday Currently || 026


Waiting for my husband to finish working out. Para makapag-lunch na kami 😅!

I’m also packing some of my stuff for donation. I’ve decluttered some of my things and I might be doing more of it in a few weeks. Other sellable stuff has been sold online and some are going to the Philippines. At times, I can’t believe the stuff that I have accumulated. I initially thought I needed it pero di naman pala. I’ve also started storing my “winter clothes” because it’s getting warmer na, yey!

The Sunday Currently || 024


Happy Valentine’s Day 🥰…

Nothing really special. Just stayed at home, greeted each other and lounged the whole day in the living room. My husband gave me a bouquet of flowers a day before. Usually my husband doesn’t really give me anything for this cheesy occasions. He’s just clueless that I want a little something. What I do now, weeks in advance I tell him what I want (same thing for Christmas, not for birthdays though. I have my own thing on my day). I cooked Bulalo and just minded our own business of doing nothing the whole day 😅. #adulting #kamilangto #toeachhisown

The Weeknd – Superbowl LV – Halftime Show || Music Monday

Not the performance that I want but it was great nonetheless. I’m allowed to have feelings for Abel 😍. I think he’s cool and his songs are great.