The Sunday Currently || 033


Waiting na kumulo ang niluluto kong ulam. I’m cooking sinigang na salmon and before that, I baked a copycat recipe of Levain cookies. This is my third try for this cookie, because somewhere along the recipe, I could’ve made a mistake. Tapos hindi rin kinaya ng pipitsugin kong mixer 😂. It was a hard cookie recipe on the account of using a cold butter. I’ll just order na lang sa Levain after giving birth 😅.

Pregnancy-wise, I’m currently on a waiting game. I’m just waiting for it to happen and I will be talking to my OB after this weekend 😀.

The Sunday Currently || 032


Anytime soon, I’ll be giving birth! Joseph just finished deep cleaning the carpets and cleaning the windows. I’ve been a useless a** for the last 2 weeks! I’ve been extra tired x10, sleep less at night/more in the day, hungrier than ever and I feel my baby’s movement more often. I walk like a penguin and I have heavier breathing more than ever! I’m excited and scared. We are almost ready but I feel like madami pang kelangan gawin. I have yet to pack my hospital bag, I’m almost done filling-up my admission packet, I have a 2 more appointments to go etc. etc. Argghhhh! What other things do I need to do???!!!!!!!!!!! Kalurkey!

The Sunday Currently || 031


I revealed during our 9th wedding anniversary that we are expecting out little bundle of joy 🥰. It has been 4 or 5 days and I still receive well wishes over at my personal FB account. I also love the fact that many close and immediate family members are just pouring out their love for our little one. Honestly speaking, its been a long time coming. We patiently waited and BOOM! Here we are now. In a few weeks, I’m going to be a mom and a parent. I’m feeling all this mixed emotions but one thing I can say, I will never be a perfect parent. We will do my best to raise a kind, fair, reasonable and well-rounded human being.

35 weeks pregnant, location: Balboa Park near Spreckels Pavillion

The Sunday Currently || 030


I did some gardening today. Mixed and mashed my compost bin, “beautified” 2 of my succulent pots, pruned my repotted lemon tree, cleaned up soil “pan” and swept the dry leaves. I promise konti lang ito 😅. #plantita

The Sunday Currently || 029


Woke up early today and did some personal stuff online. I have a long day ahead of me, might as well do TSC now 😜.

The Sunday Currently || 028


I repotted one of my lemon tree. I hope it thrives because that plant came from the ground then transferred to a big pot. The tree is “fighting” with other plants on the ground especially with the plants over the bakod. The leaves are just turning yellow and it’s not growing as much. I just hope it will still grow. It’s one of the lemon tree that I started from seed🤞🤞🤞.