35 Things I Learned in my Lifetime

Today is my birthday (November 30). Yehey!!!! Thank you God for the gift of life!!!!!

I’ve been thinking of doing this since last year and I’m now cramming it to finish before the day ends 😅. This points are just randomly typed, most of it are cliches but had been helpful on this journey called life. I also typed in Tagalog, I’m mainly relying on my thought process. So here goes…

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The Sunday Currently || 016


I’ve been doing a lot of contemplation recently. Youtube may be cool but it also makes me feel sh*t at times. Isama ko na din ang instagram. That’s why I stopped posting regularly at YT and I deactivated from IG. I activated my IG account recently because, I need to promote a product from Influenster. Afterwards, I will be deactivating again. I want to do some stuff out of social media. It’s a noisy world and I just need time to shut it off.

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