Philippines | Church of Pan-ay

Roxas City 2013

Theย Santa Monica Parish Churchย (Spanish:ย Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Mรณnica), commonly known asย Panay Church, is the oldest church on the island ofย Panayย located inย Panay Municipality,ย Capiz,ย Philippines. It is also the home of the largest church bell in the country and inย Asia, and the third biggest in the world. ย —Source

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Philippines | Roxas City

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย Roxas City 2013

Roxas, officially theย City of Roxasย orย Roxas City, is a medium-sizedย cityย in theย provinceย ofย Capiz,ย Philippines. It is considered as one ofย Panay Island‘s center of education, trade, economic activity and logistics. Once known as the Municipality ofย Capiz, the origin of the present name of the province, was renamed into Roxas City in honor of nativeย Manuel Roxas, the First President of the Philippine Third Republic, after it became a chartered city on May 12, 1951. ย —Source

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