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IMG_7702It’s been a while since I’ve used my Nikon D5100 for some good photos. And I’m dumping our Nevada photos here.

Nevada | Las Vegas Getaway

IMG_7416Whenever I mention Las Vegas, many think we go there to gamble and get wasted. I beg to disagree. We can enjoy Vegas without doing that! There are lots to see and to do that you can’t get enough of. I vlogged most of the time but, I was able to produce decent shots.

Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3 is a renowned celebrity favorite thanks to its famous original New York City location, whimsical desserts and frequent appearances in film. Begin with its famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate drink that blends 20 different kinds of chocolate into an icy cocoa concoction. Indulge in unique takes on classic dishes like the colossal dinosaur-sized BBQ Ribs, Monster Meatballs and Spaghetti and hundreds of other items.  — Source                        



With an old-fashioned ice cream parlor décor, Serendipity 3\’s setting is colorfully appealing to both adults and youths. Expect the pleasantly unexpected at this casual, quirky dining and drinking destination located just off the Las Vegas Strip near Caesars Palace\’s front fountains. —SOURCE

Me and my sisters-in-law waiting in queue.


Interiors transcends a colorful ambiance that appeals to adult and children. The vibe is still comfortable which makes this place perfect for meet-ups and get-together with friends or families (if the place is not packed). Make sure you come here at off-peak hours to avoid a long queue.


We came there for dessert. While waiting for our order, I was pa-simple looking at other customers table. Servings are HUGE. But, I was still surprised to see what Serendipity has in-store for us.

The Best Red Velvet Cake. Moist, not too sweet (for my taste) and creamy. Delicious!

It\’s delicious as well but, the serving was overwhelming I felt full right away. I think 1/4 of the serving will do for me the next time. Better yet, share it with someone.
Fried Oreo…Sinfully good!
This chocolate-y drink looks innocent at first but, wait till the alcohol runs straight into throat…
More alcohol-based desserts for adults!
Whoa! We finished everything! 

The next time that I\’m here, I\’ll definitely try their other desserts and classic dishes.

Customer-service: OK. 
Cleanliness: OK. 
Price Range: $$-$$$ 
Crowd control: Pleasant

In-n-Out Burger

I leave Vegas for the meantime. 
As we were leaving, I noticed that The Luxor is a little isolated from everybody. Next time I should try riding the Monorail
I\’ll see you soon JBWKZ
Thereafter, all I see is this…SUN and SAND.


Upon arriving in Barstow, I finally had the chance to eat In-N-Out Burger! Yipeeee!!!!! (And to think, that this burger joint is just a 5-10 minutes walk from our house >.< )

The staff  especially their  \”caps\” reminds me of Good Burger. Hehehehe 


Photo Source

I\’ve been hearing a lot about this burger. I have friends who had tried it here in California and a successful pop-up in Singapore. With a positive feedback, how can I not be jittery the moment I stepped inside the store.
The fries are great! Deep-fried to perfection.
We had the Double-Double burger.
There\’s something about the juiciness of the burger. That complements the cheese and the rest of the toppings. According to Jaina, for her it has something to do with \”THE SAUCE.\”

I was in a food coma for the rest of the trip. I\’m sooooooooooo Hhhhhhaaaaaappppyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

The second time I ate there, I brought along my brother Peng (who was visiting at the time). For him it was just OK. Meaning: \”Above average. Fries in Shake Shack are way better.\” Well that\’s his opinion. It stirred a curiosity about Shake Shack and the yearning of visiting New York City soon. 
For now, I\’ll enjoy my In-n-Outs.


Vegas After Sunset

A night in Las Vegas is a delightful treat to your senses. We didn\’t came here for gambling and partying, we just enjoyed the sights. I just hope the next time I\’m here I\’ll be seeing Britney Spears, Jabbawockeez and Cirque du Soleil.

The Champs replica with Gordon Ramsay\’s imagery. I tell you, his presence in Vegas is everywhere.

This Eiffel Tower replica almost looks like the real thing (in picture).




It\’s Britney! B*tch!



I can see my Prada somewhere out there…
Dinner courtesy of Jaina
I\’m not a big fan of steak. Although if I\’m given one, I will eat it. 

Jaina\’s plate. This one looks more delicious.
We are supposed to try Gordon Ramsay\’s steak place, but it\’s too expensive! Maybe with a Registered Nurse\’s salary grade I can afford it the next time hehehehe. I also want to try his burger place that has quite a queue.
My SIL Marilou and I decided to explore more of the The Strip. She discouraged me of exploring alone and insisted of coming with me. Turns out, there are more lurking photo-bombers.
I was ready for my beauty shot when this two guys came. I asked them to join me. They gladly obliged. 
Ooops my ride (from the left of the pic) is waiting for me…Chos!
Nevada Patrolman.
The famous Bellagio watershow. A-must-see at The Strip. Guess what?! It\’s free. Just make sure you get a nice place for a good view.
At this time, the streets are crowded as ever! We contributed to the congestion hehehe
There\’s this group of ladies and gents who suddenly came out of nowhere while where taking photos. Everything happened so fast! Next thing we know Kuya Joel was sandwiched by chika-babes.  Just see the look in face, he likes it! Turns out they are staff/crew from a local channel. In one way or another our faces appeared on TV.

As we approached Palazzo and Wynn, we were \”mobbed\” again by partially intoxicated photo-bombers.

Parang matagal na kaming magkakakilala!
I blend well…tsk tsk tsk Lakas maka-adjust at adapt. Wooohoooo!
Kainez! kung kelan mas madami ang barkada malabo ang kuha! Hahahahaha F na F!
Ang masasabi ko lang…I\’m freakin\’ cool!

To continue…we\’re on our way to Palazzo.                  

The crowd in this area is tamer, everyone seems business-like especially at Wynn.



Move over Kris Aquino, we now have a mandatory picture in the Palazzo waterfalls.







I love the decorations!





I was initially rooting for Caesar\’s Palace for \”The Hangover\” experience. I\’m hoping to stay at Wynn the next time around. I found out from Travel Channel\’s Best Buffet in Las Vegas that Wynn buffet has an upscale ambiance and seafood menu that is to die for! 

The Venetian at night…


Caught a glimpse of Palazzo.

Whew! I should say we had one helluva night! After all the eating, photo-taking and walking, I declared myself a Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion.


Las Vegas Newbie

We had this trip last year, a day after Halloween. My sister-in-law Jaina and her husband came for a visit. My other sis-in-law Marilou planned a short getaway to Las Vegas to make their stay worthwhile. As for me, this was my first out-of-state trip.

It was a smooth 6 hours drive from Chula Vista. With mandatory stops for snacks, restroom use and coffee break. We arrived around 2 AM at The Strip. We checked-in at The Quad. Here\’s the view from our window. 


The Quad is in the middle of everything! It\’s just a matter of choice to go from left or right. We opted to sleep through the night so we could conserve our energy for tomorrow\’s walk.

The next day…

The weather was conducive for walking and I love it!                    

Missed a Cirque show…Maybe next time.

This place is an architectural delight! I can\’t help but admire the structures.                                 

The ceiling of The Venetian. 

I have to say this, it looks glorious.

Breakfast time! Opted for a Chinese meal. Thanks Jaina!

The restrooms are so clean! I love the mirrors.

With my in-laws 
I love the \”sky\” ceiling. It looks real.
After frolicking inside The Venetian, time to go out.

If you want to have your pics taken with them, you have to give a tip. It\’s a must. Same thing with the other costumed people along the road. 
I forgot the name of this mall. It feels like you\’re inside an ancient city.

Check-out the spiral/curved escalator.

3 floors of H&M goodies

In Vegas, photobombers are everywhere. Seriously! But for me, every time someone does that I simply ask them to join me. They will oblige of course. Especially if they had a few glasses of \”spirits.\”                         
My husband thinks this guy is in the military. Look at the haircut. And there\’s a military base near Las Vegas. 
My pogi na brother in law.
Only one thing comes to my mind about Caesar\’s Palace…THE HANGOVER!

I find each hotel has their unique gimmicks to attract people. Nowadays, Instagram-worthy interior and decorations are a must. People flock in to take pictures. You don\’t have to pay a dime for it. Just remember: No photo-taking at the casino area. 

I forgot the name of this hotel. I love spacious lobbies.

They have a Halloween-themed garden.



The strip at daytime.

To be continued…