Las Vegas Newbie

We had this trip last year, a day after Halloween. My sister-in-law Jaina and her husband came for a visit. My other sis-in-law Marilou planned a short getaway to Las Vegas to make their stay worthwhile. As for me, this was my first out-of-state trip.

It was a smooth 6 hours drive from Chula Vista. With mandatory stops for snacks, restroom use and coffee break. We arrived around 2 AM at The Strip. We checked-in at The Quad. Here\’s the view from our window. 


The Quad is in the middle of everything! It\’s just a matter of choice to go from left or right. We opted to sleep through the night so we could conserve our energy for tomorrow\’s walk.

The next day…

The weather was conducive for walking and I love it!                    

Missed a Cirque show…Maybe next time.

This place is an architectural delight! I can\’t help but admire the structures.                                 

The ceiling of The Venetian. 

I have to say this, it looks glorious.

Breakfast time! Opted for a Chinese meal. Thanks Jaina!

The restrooms are so clean! I love the mirrors.

With my in-laws 
I love the \”sky\” ceiling. It looks real.
After frolicking inside The Venetian, time to go out.

If you want to have your pics taken with them, you have to give a tip. It\’s a must. Same thing with the other costumed people along the road. 
I forgot the name of this mall. It feels like you\’re inside an ancient city.

Check-out the spiral/curved escalator.

3 floors of H&M goodies

In Vegas, photobombers are everywhere. Seriously! But for me, every time someone does that I simply ask them to join me. They will oblige of course. Especially if they had a few glasses of \”spirits.\”                         
My husband thinks this guy is in the military. Look at the haircut. And there\’s a military base near Las Vegas. 
My pogi na brother in law.
Only one thing comes to my mind about Caesar\’s Palace…THE HANGOVER!

I find each hotel has their unique gimmicks to attract people. Nowadays, Instagram-worthy interior and decorations are a must. People flock in to take pictures. You don\’t have to pay a dime for it. Just remember: No photo-taking at the casino area. 

I forgot the name of this hotel. I love spacious lobbies.

They have a Halloween-themed garden.



The strip at daytime.

To be continued…

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