The Sunday Currently || 018


I thought January will never end! We made it through!

The Sunday Currently || 009


My main IG is deactivated, by far the noisiest social media that I have (Mental note to self: Thank God, I’m not on twitter). I need peace. And for everything else, just keep on reading…

The Sunday Currently || 007


READING – None. Chaka ko! I bought some bargain books though. I haven’t started reading them.

WRITING – None. Grabe ang ka-chakahan ko ha! I’m not doing vlogs for next week and I will formulate a sensible blog post. *fingers crossed*

LISTEN – My Britney Spears playlist in Spotify. Currently on – From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart.

THINKING – What’s wrong with me? I’m feeling something different with my body. I will be seeing my PCP tomorrow.

SMELLING – Nothing. Just regular air. LOL.

WISHING – My back pain will just go away!!!!!

HOPING – To be more creative and maintain my neurons active until I’m a 100 y/o. Seriously!

WEARING- PJ pants and raggy old shirt. Fave sleeping outfit ever!!!!!!

LOVING – My 10 step Korean skin care products that I use. Especially the essence. It’s my fave part of the routine.

WANTING – That designer bag. I’ve already saved up for one from last year. I’m currently saving up for the new one and I haven’t got the bag that I want from last year. Does this makes sense? Sorry if it’s confusing.

NEEDING – Vacation or an out of town getaway.

FEELING – Tired. I feel there’s something wrong with my body.

CLICKING – Clicking the other tabs on Chrome. I’m multi-tasking.

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Amtrak Ride from San Diego to Anaheim

This is just a short video of me and my brother Christopher during his 2014 visit. We’re on our way to Anaheim and getting dizzy inside a teacup.


It also served as reminder,  that I shouldn’t have stopped shooting videos. Everything now are on videos which are, easily accessible as you use the potty. I could’ve improved since then.

Everything’s been said and done. I’ve started filming/shooting again. It’s always never too late to start all over.