The Sunday Currently || 010


READING – None. Arrgh!!!!!

WRITING – Scripts for vlog posts

LISTEN – Careless whisper acoustic version as background music.

THINKING – Why I dreamt of some persons who was part of my Singapore life? 🧐

SMELLING – The turkey bacon cooked by Jo, left a mesmerizing smell in the kitchen.

WISHING – I could do all of the things I want to do, all at the same time. I’m wishing I was The Flash.

HOPING – I will finish the “stuff” this year. *Crossed-fingers including my toes*

WEARING- Pantulog 😂 All day, all night baby!!!!!!

LOVING – my new Knix bra. Not ashamed of my undies!

WANTING – A drone. Just the smallest that DJI has. I’m thinking of getting one. Black Friday maybe?

NEEDING – Food saver. To save leftovers and freeze fruits for smoothies. Will be getting one soon from Costco. Also I need a massage, will be scheduling one later. I need to use those FSA credits I have left!

FEELING – Excited!!!! I can’t wait. I’m also feeling proud because I’ve taken 2 steps to get ahead for my financial future. 😍 We have to save a lot for retirement you know. I’ve taken care of elderlies related to my previous job. All I have to say is, when you’re older, you will need more money than ever. Believe me you.

CLICKING – Just this site. I’ll be logging out after this. I need to prep for work.


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