Mid-Week Round Up || November 7, 2018

I had a blast (as usual) on Halloween. By 7pm, I finished all my candies! Yey! I felt bad at some point because of my early cut-off. Next year, what I have in mind is to pack sets of candy in small bags and just hand it over to them. I gave the kids the liberty to choose.

I dressed up as a “regular” Hogwarts student but kids recognized me as Harry Potter (minus the scar). Oh well 😂.

I’ve been frequently experimenting with make-up. After I figured out how to do my eyebrows (the way I wanted to), I fell in love all over again with make-up. Look at the left pic, I look very interested 😂.


I had a fun work week. This was taken during our scavenger hunt for Customer Service Week. This is for the part when my team needed to do a jump shot. This is the most tiring part. Go figure 😅.Processed with MOLDIV


Screenshot Round Up

  1. From @lajollamom’s ig story. I got to try this egg rolls 😋. I haven’t been to Cheesecake factory in a while.


2. This is what I do at 12 midnight onwards…Look at food reviews 😆.

3. Tweaked some FB quotes/meme to my life trip. Here’s one example. IMG_1530


Until the next!



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