Mid-Week Round Up || November 7, 2018

I had a blast (as usual) on Halloween. By 7pm, I finished all my candies! Yey! I felt bad at some point because of my early cut-off. Next year, what I have in mind is to pack sets of candy in small bags and just hand it over to them. I gave the kids the liberty to choose.

OAWSP: Halloween

I hope you all enjoyed your sweet treats. Enjoy the Halloween lovely people!
I wasn\’t ready with my make-up and costume but, I\’m eager for the candy haul. 
Have a good night!

Trick or Treat!

(Late Post)

Trick or Treat are for children, I know! When I was younger, we don\’t do one back home. I only see it on American movies or TV shows. It looks fun! Too bad , recently na lang nauuso ang pag-costume. Fast forward to today, I\’m now based in California. I arrived before the end of summer and totally looking forward to Halloween.

We (me and my sister-in-law Ate Marilou) are supposed to chaperone his son Joelo but he\’s MIA. We went off ourselves. Too bad we\’re too old for Trick or treat LOL.  

Mask and Headband from Party City at a discounted price. Best time to buy Halloween stuff is a few hours before Trick or Treat time.

Only a handful of houses are open for treats. I can\’t blame them because Halloween fell on a Thursday. They still have to work the next day. Nevertheless, there were houses and families who are in the spirit of Halloween. All is good!

I just admire the patience and effort of my neighbors in setting up decorations.

Teenagers in their costumes…



There\’s this open-house-thingy wherein the owner turned their homes into mini-haunted houses. Looks scary all the way through and we are not mistaken. Wow!


The monitor from the outside shows \”Tales from the Crypt\” clips.


I\’m looking forward for the next Halloween (falls on a Friday). I will try to DIY some masks and headpieces. If I can score a witch costume (my dream costume for halloween) that would be great as well. We still have to plan whether we\’ll be giving out candies because if we will, I need to decorate our front door area. Another decorating challenge for me!




Halloween and Vegas Weekend

I had a very memorable weekend with my in-laws… It was my first time to meet my sister-in-law Jaina and her husband Arnold from Virginia. And my first time celebrating Halloween in California. I\’m still in the process of editing pictures. Another blog post coming up…

View from our room.