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I\’ve done mixtapes because it came to a time that I can\’t afford buying albums anymore. I will either wait for my song in the radio or ask a friend who has the album of the artist (cassette/CD) to make a copy for me. Watch the video below.
I am forever thankful with the present technology for music but, cassette tapes are sentimental to me. Mom and dad (he works as a sailor) literally used cassette tapes as \”voicemail\” aside from snail mails, scheduled phone calls and telegrams. I was able to listen with one of it. I heard my four year old self saying hi and goodnight to dad (awwww moment). I remember saving up for Backstreet Boys cassette albums because we don\’t have a CD player  and CD\’s are expensive. Aaahhhh those were the days…
How about you? What were your experience with mixtapes or the cassette tape era?

Film Photography Explained

The Analogs
The Analogs by Miss Wander Girl
I lived through the age of film photography. Watching this video from Buzzfeed pretty much sums up my 90\’s experience of film photos. 

Going through our family photos, one could notice chronological gaps:

  1. There was a time when we can\’t afford to develop a film because it\’s expensive. I remember just buying the 12 shot films because it was cheaper than the 24 and 36. It\’s also cheaper when developed. Those were the times that we need to at least have some \”remembrance\” of a family moment. 
  2. Our camera (Canon Pixma) has a different kind of battery and it was expensive. And difficult to find.
  3. As for my personal issues, I was fat so my face looks siopao. I have no idea yet of \”angles\”. There came a time that I lost weight and my chin didn\’t compliment my face (I hate the shitty body image disturbance era in my teenage years!). Most of the time, I refuse for a solo picture. I was too hard on myself back then (sheesh!). If I had known what I know now siguro mas madami akong good memories.

I can\’t delete, redo nor see the photo after shooting.  Selfies are a big no-no and a total waste of frames. My dream camera back then was a Polaroid.

I learned about re-copying photos by borrowing the films used. It\’s  a cheap alternative but photos are likely to be darker in shade. It was a complete hassle when others want to borrow the film as well. Patience was not my greatest virtue back then. Sometimes, I just don\’t bother following up and leave it.

That\’s why I\’m thankful for digital photography (I think relieved is the most appropriate word it). It has its pros and cons. On a personal level , it has stopped the chronological gap of remembering our special moments and memories. 


Nostalgic Tuesday: One Whole Year


I was checking my FB profile the other day when I saw the 2013: A Year in Review portion. Wow! I didn\’t expect 2013 to finish that quickly. I can\’t help but smile as I browsed the pictures and status updates. It was a great year. I may have left Singapore but a new life here in the United States is ready to unfold. Looking forward to 2014.

Music: One More Time by Daft Punk

Nostalgic Tuesday: Childhood Reminders Courtesy of Facebook and 9gag

Nowadays, my FB wall is flooded with re-shared photos from all over. Some of it are nice,not so nice, nasty, hilarious, serious and a whole lot more. But what makes me laugh and smile are the do-you-still-remember-this-shizzles that reminds of the 90\’s and my childhood. 

I thought my childhood days are just OK. Looking back, I think it was AWESOME!!! No wonder when I was a teenager I keep on telling my sub-conconscious how I wish I would be a little girl forever. It was a happy childhood, it\’s not perfect though but I lived through it. I guess, I was in a hurry to grow up back then. I don\’t know why I was in a hurry. The childishness has been with me even when I was in my early 20\’s. I remember my ninang telling my mom, \”Bakit si Richelle professional na kung kumilos at umayos isip-bata pa rin\” I never took it seriously because I don\’t care at that time. As I go through my professional path, I realized that I have to be at par with what my profession entails that involves a certain level of maturity. So eventually maturity grows with you, it may be early or later in life. I always thought I was late bloomer, pero tamang-tama lang pala ang experiences ko for my age. But this doesn\’t mean that we have to be serious for life! KALOKA! There would always be a room for the child inside us.

Ok back to business…I have given a like for these pics in FB because they made my childhood memorable and awesome. 
Plastic Balloon. Amoy laway. I think it was less that one pesos per piece back then. Then our nasty maid will buy 1 whole board or half of it. 
We never had Family Computer before it was costly at pampasira ng buhay. It was one of the most famous gaming consoles. I dreamt of having it but it was a no-no from mom and dad.

The wonderful world of lego!

*All the pics are not mine and sorry I wasn\’t able to get the owner\’s name. Just identify yourself so I could credit to you. thanks

We Are The LEGO Kids

One of our toys when we were young is the Lego Fabuland, the theme park set. I remember dad bought it somewhere from one of his trips abroad. Its one of our most memorable pasalubong because we\’re allowed to play with it at hindi pang display lang
Cast of Characters from Fabuland
I remember we are making up stories from the characters, doing other kind of lego structures and basically play with it. As time passed, since some of the pieces are small we lost them one by one. Though our younger brother was still able to use some of it its already incomplete. Those were the times when there\’s no internet, PC, iPod, Facebook or instagram. We have to rely on our imagination. We had fun, seriously. I just wish we had another set of Lego during that time. 
A few days ago, as I was browsing deals, one of the deals was a coach and entrance tickets to Legoland in Malaysia. I was like, I know I\’ve heard there are plans but I didn\’t know that the place is finishing and will be opening up on 15th September 2012. I wouldn\’t want to miss this. This time it\’s a larger than life reliving of memories because I\’ll be exploring the whole of Legoland soon. YEHEY!!!
Map of  Legoland
According to my husband, Legoland caters mostly for kids though there are rides for adults to enjoy. But mostly it\’s a kiddy theme park. No problem with me though. I\’m excited… 🙂

Nostalgic Tuesday: L.M. Guerrero Street


My most memorable place that I\’ve stayed while working in Manila. The place is like a symbol of our somewhat \’liberation\’ from our quasi-independent life. This room has been a witness of our ups and downs/highlights and lowlights. 

The trusty ol\’ industrial fan. It\’s now being used at our new nook
These are some photos that I found from my portable hard drive…I\’ll try to collate more, but you have to forgive me because most of them are cam-whoring face shots. LOL :p
Some of my pa-artsy shot. Especially if I\’m not doing anything.

If I can turn back time. I could have been more vigilant in cleaning the room, arranging our stuff, have taken easy on hoarding and should have bought the necessary and important piece of furniture that could have saved us space. Somethings that we could see at ikea hacks and apartment therapy ;).
So today its not a surprise that I have few loots here in SG because I\’ve appreciated the essence of space-saving, element of mix and match, importance of necessary furniture so on and so forth. Well I have to because moving in and out from one house to another is a common occurrence for expats(Because most of the time HDB flats here are only on 1 year contract at the most. We\’re lucky because our landlord is very considerate and understanding). Even my mom and sis KC was surprised that I have few things and I even asked them to take home a few.