Nostalgic Tuesday: Childhood Reminders Courtesy of Facebook and 9gag

Nowadays, my FB wall is flooded with re-shared photos from all over. Some of it are nice,not so nice, nasty, hilarious, serious and a whole lot more. But what makes me laugh and smile are the do-you-still-remember-this-shizzles that reminds of the 90\’s and my childhood. 

I thought my childhood days are just OK. Looking back, I think it was AWESOME!!! No wonder when I was a teenager I keep on telling my sub-conconscious how I wish I would be a little girl forever. It was a happy childhood, it\’s not perfect though but I lived through it. I guess, I was in a hurry to grow up back then. I don\’t know why I was in a hurry. The childishness has been with me even when I was in my early 20\’s. I remember my ninang telling my mom, \”Bakit si Richelle professional na kung kumilos at umayos isip-bata pa rin\” I never took it seriously because I don\’t care at that time. As I go through my professional path, I realized that I have to be at par with what my profession entails that involves a certain level of maturity. So eventually maturity grows with you, it may be early or later in life. I always thought I was late bloomer, pero tamang-tama lang pala ang experiences ko for my age. But this doesn\’t mean that we have to be serious for life! KALOKA! There would always be a room for the child inside us.

Ok back to business…I have given a like for these pics in FB because they made my childhood memorable and awesome. 
Plastic Balloon. Amoy laway. I think it was less that one pesos per piece back then. Then our nasty maid will buy 1 whole board or half of it. 
We never had Family Computer before it was costly at pampasira ng buhay. It was one of the most famous gaming consoles. I dreamt of having it but it was a no-no from mom and dad.

The wonderful world of lego!

*All the pics are not mine and sorry I wasn\’t able to get the owner\’s name. Just identify yourself so I could credit to you. thanks

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