The Sunday Currently || 053


Hello! Time flies fast and my Kulinggit is almost a year old 🥺. Motherhood has been a rollercoaster ride for me for the past year. I want to make more kwento pero malapit na mag-Monday 😅.

READING – Webtoon and Manta comics. Been trying different stories from time to time. Whichever is free 😆.

WRITING – None. I keep on telling myself to write, listen to audiobooks or read books even if it’s a few pages. Pero waley parin 😅.

LISTENING – Lullaby songs. Kulinggit is sleeping na.

THINKING – Anong iluluto ko bukas?


WISHING – Lots of money.

HOPING – World peace.

WEARING – PJs what else 🤷‍♀️!

LOVING – MSH Love Liner Liquid. I’m finally getting better in applying a cat eye for my eye make-up! Thanks to this liner. So far the best tool (in my books) when using an eyeliner.

WANTING – Another purse!

NEEDING – Deep tissue massage and mani/pedi. I’ll do it next week.

FEELING – Pain. My right neck and shoulder hurts.

CLICKING – Amazon. I still have stuff in the cart that I haven’t purchased.


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The Sunday Currently || 049


How’s your Christmas weekend? I hope everything went smoothly for you. We are just chill at home. My in-laws visited us, chatted with mom and dad on messenger then facetimed my other in-laws on the other side of the country. I’m just glad my sizzums brought food for us (thank you soooo much). I have no chance to cook or order anything because I’m working. We opened our gifts and did nothing lol. I rested for the most part. Oh and it’s Kulinggit’s 8th month. She’s growing up so fast 😭. She’s eating more solids now. I’m thankful my husband is on top of our Kulinggit’s nourishment.

The Sunday Currently || 047


Woke up early from my mornight sleep. I tried going back to sleep but the need to use the loo and the urge to check my phone didn’t made it easy. My fault. I can still hear my Kulinggit crying. Baka inaantok na. Then I hear her dad’s singing voice, alam na this 😅.

On Wearing High Heels…

Thus the lack of high heels in my shoe line-up. Comfort is my priority now…
Story of my ageing life.  *ROFL*
How about you? How\’s your high heel wearing experience nowadays?
Shoot me some comments…

Missy Busy



I\’m busy with work nowadays. I\’ll try my best to update the blog using my iPad. I recently started using this as a compact alternative for a PC desktop while away from home. I\’m still taking photos but not as much. I\’m still on the \”thinking\” phase of my art/craft blog. I\’m hoping that I could start it soon.
I find myself again at a phase that I-want-to-start-something-new-but-I-need-money-to-get-it-over-with. Then I start work and I find myself tired and exhausted. My motivation slowly goes down the drain. Nevertheless, I will persist to reach my goals, I\’m not going to let exhaustion stop me. 
Continue planning and execute once ready!
Keeping my hopes high…