The Sunday Currently || 043


I missed 2 Sundays…on purpose. I feel there is nothing to talk about. Joseph asked me to sleep early but I don’t feel like it. I’ll just dry my hair, do some massage and update the blog.

My daughter is now 3 months old! Totoo nga na days are slow, years are fast.

OAWSP: Halloween

I hope you all enjoyed your sweet treats. Enjoy the Halloween lovely people!
I wasn\’t ready with my make-up and costume but, I\’m eager for the candy haul. 
Have a good night!

Missy Busy



I\’m busy with work nowadays. I\’ll try my best to update the blog using my iPad. I recently started using this as a compact alternative for a PC desktop while away from home. I\’m still taking photos but not as much. I\’m still on the \”thinking\” phase of my art/craft blog. I\’m hoping that I could start it soon.
I find myself again at a phase that I-want-to-start-something-new-but-I-need-money-to-get-it-over-with. Then I start work and I find myself tired and exhausted. My motivation slowly goes down the drain. Nevertheless, I will persist to reach my goals, I\’m not going to let exhaustion stop me. 
Continue planning and execute once ready!
Keeping my hopes high…

OAWSP: Chin Up!

I was teased to death by my brother and sisters for my long chin. Tsk…tsk…
On the bright side (medical and aesthetically speaking), I don\’t need any injection or surgical interventions to elongate my face. Well, I don\’t need to because I\’m not artista or a model. Same thing with my lips! I am forever thankful to Angelina Jolie bringing the sexy back for pouty lips.
It took a lot of self-affirmation to accept what I have and be the best that I am.
Accept yourself. You will realize there\’s more to life than peer pressure, comparisons and hate.
Good Night!


OAWSP: Mirror Shot

I love the classic Mirror Shot when taking self-portraits. I don\’t know how I was able to get a hang of it. I like it better than a typical selfie. I\’m not saying that I never did a selfie (you will know that if we were connected/friends in Multiply, Friendster or we were roommates during college). I just grew out of it.
So for now, I\’m loving the mirror shot!

OAWSP: Stamped

I used Camera 360 app for this one. Under the effects category of Art —> Stamped—>Sweet. I just can\’t afford yet to get the paid apps that has wonderful painting and sketch features. 
I haven\’t been taking self-portraits in a while maybe because I\’ve outgrown the \”selfie\” stage of my life. I want to evolve creatively (wow! mature concerns?! LOL). Right now I\’m trying to learn how to do lettering and watercolor it nicely. I\’m thinking on taking some knitting class and doing some crochet projects again. A lot of creative ideas has been churning in my head. I hope I can handle it gracefully. Not to mention I still have an upcoming licensure exams.