The Sunday Currently || 050


Soooooo anone? 😅

It was a busy start of the year for me. I was tired most of the time because of the covid surge and I’m also studying for a test. I was able to remove the ornaments of the Christmas tree. I was seriously thinking of just keeping it throughout the year. Para di na ako mahirapan 😂! Si Kulinggit lumalaki na ng husto! Inaantok na ako. Tapusin ko na ito!

The Sunday Currently || 047


Woke up early from my mornight sleep. I tried going back to sleep but the need to use the loo and the urge to check my phone didn’t made it easy. My fault. I can still hear my Kulinggit crying. Baka inaantok na. Then I hear her dad’s singing voice, alam na this 😅.

The Sunday Currently || 044


Everyone’s asleep and I’m still awake. I just need a few moments to do this then I’m off to bed. I’m just taking the chance to do my usual portable massage thingy and I want the sound of silence.

The Sunday Currently || 043


I missed 2 Sundays…on purpose. I feel there is nothing to talk about. Joseph asked me to sleep early but I don’t feel like it. I’ll just dry my hair, do some massage and update the blog.

My daughter is now 3 months old! Totoo nga na days are slow, years are fast.

The Sunday Currently || 041


My Kulinggit just turned 2 months and she’s heavier than ever! Time flies so fast. Di ako nagmamadali na lumaki ka anak. Chill lang tayo. I appreciate all our moments together and learn along the way on this journey called motherhood.

Just as I was about to click the publish button. I want to greet everybody a Happy 4th of July. Enjoy the long weekend. Now off I go to sleep again 😅.

The Sunday Currently || 040


Preparing to sleep! I’m still up at this time. Might as well do this early 😃.