The Sunday Currently || 040


Preparing to sleep! I’m still up at this time. Might as well do this early 😃.


The Sunday Currently || 038


I’m now sitting in the recliner with my handy-dandy neck massager. My kulinggit and Joseph are still sleeping and I have all this time to myself. I started to walk again after a few weeks of not doing so. It felt good, nabuhay ang mga kalamnan ko 😅. I’m able to walk one of my uphill routes without the perineal flinch 😬. Napawisan din ako, na maganda sa pakiramdam 🥰. I thought of going back to Pure Barre classes since it’s been more than 6 weeks since I gave birth. Payag naman si Joseph.

The Sunday Currently || 037


Woke up around almost 8AM upon hearing my kulinggit crying for milk. I told Joseph to prep the milk and he sleepily obliged. She finished the milk in a heartbeat…Anak nga kita, sa isip-isip ko 😅. I had her burp, changed her diapers and swaddled. Itinabi ko sa daddy niya then I went on for my morning ME time. Afterwards, I prepared kulinggit’s vitamin D. Ginising ko na si Joseph so he can eat. I’m just waiting for kulinggit to wake up anytime while doing TSC.

I also heard the good news that Ronnel (best cousin ever – dad’s side) just became a dad. The family tree is expanding! Congratulations 🥰🥰🥰 ! It’s time for a new family pic! Last time we had one was year 1994. Kasama na dapat mga anakis ng mga apo.

The Sunday Currently || 036


My daughter just turned 1 month old! Yay! I can’t type much because I’m trying my best to put her to sleep. HInehele ko siya in my left arm then use my right hand to type. LOL #multitasking

The Sunday Currently || 035


I’m waiting for my daughter’s next feeding then we are off to bed.

It’s close to a month since giving birth, medyo nasasanay na kami kahit paano. I won’t call ourselves experts, we are very far from it. As I said since day one, we learn as we go through this journey. I believe every kid has a different personality that’s why there are different approaches on handling children. For me, as long as my kid is healthy and well, happy na ako 🥰.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes. I mean for more than 8 years, kaming mag-asawa lang. I have to admit, na-aning din ako na we have a little human being who needs our complete attention 24/7. That’s why I do things one day at a time. Asikasuhin ang urgent concerns at ipagpabukas ang pwedeng ipagpabukas. Kasi stress drillon lang ang outcome, pag magpaka toxic ako. I don’t deserve the visible fine lines noh! Basta I keep things simple…TAPOS!

The Sunday Currently || 034


Baligtad yung kuha 😂

Hey there! I’m a mom now 🥰. I was supposed to write TSC for the last two Sundays but I was on zombie 🧟‍♀️ mom mode 😅. The struggle is real! But then again, my daughter’s well-being is more important than any other. I’m able to blog now because my daughter is already fed and diapers has been changed. Kaya ayan orlok na 😁.

So how am I doing post partum? I’m OK. I’m not in my best honestly speaking due to lack of sleep, raging hormones and less than stellar amounts of breastmilk. Don’t get me wrong, I’m at my happiest because I’m able to take care of my little bundle of joy. I don’t want to sugarcoat anything that all is rainbow and butterflies. I have my own share of lutang moments. Kaya naman I said na we are OK it means, maayos kami. My current take-away from this life change is, as long my daughter has adequate intake, peeing and pooping within normal limits, sleeping comfortably and not sick…OK kami. I talk to my mom and a few mom friends for mom advice. I get my medical advice from my sister,, reputable books and of course call the Pediatrician’s clinic. The rest are just noise for me. Because the more you hear stuff that you don’t do, mom guilt takes over. This is the worst feeling ever. That’s why I filter who I speak to.