The Sunday Currently || 043


I missed 2 Sundays…on purpose. I feel there is nothing to talk about. Joseph asked me to sleep early but I don’t feel like it. I’ll just dry my hair, do some massage and update the blog.

My daughter is now 3 months old! Totoo nga na days are slow, years are fast.

READING – I recently finished Season 1 of Brimstone and Roses from Webtoon. The art is impeccable! The storyline is beautiful especially with how anxiety and depression are depicted. Ginger the cat is sooooo adorable! Love it!


LISTENING – Guitar Chill on Apple Music

THINKING – Will this pandemic ever end?


WISHING – I can eat everything I want pero hindi ako tataba 😅.

HOPING – Makapag-edit ako ng video!

WEARING – My ginormous MTV T-shirt as a pajama.

LOVING – My newly treated hair 😊. A few weeks ago, I had a touch up of this Japanese straightening kyeme.

WANTING – To buy a new purse pero mas malakas ang tawag ng bills 😂.

NEEDING – Another Deep Tissue Massage. I think I need it everyday 🥲.

FEELING – Sleepy. I’m typing this way past my bedtime.

CLICKING – Google search. Searching for the meaning of impeccable. I used the word on READING.


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