Freedom || Daily prompts #6

Daily writing prompt
What does freedom mean to you?

I am going with the flow and asked AI to answer this question.

Do You Bite or Lick Ice Cream || Random Questions Part 1

Let’s do this like the good old tumblr days as a blog post filler 😅.

1. Do you bite or lick ice cream? – Bite! I find ice cream useless when licked. #justmyopinion

The Sunday Currently || 054


It’s been a while since my last TSC. Andaming nangyari kaya mahirap ikuwento 😅. But I think the major happening with me and my fam, we went to the Philippines last January. It was a great and bitin na bakasyon. At least my parents and my lola (father side) finally saw Kulinggit. Next time, I’m going to plan my vacation more efficiently para mas madami kami mapuntahan.


Life Experience That Helped Me || Daily Prompt #5

What experiences in life helped you grow the most?

Working in abroad gave me good smack on the head. Seriously!

Because I was out of my comfort zone. I cried buckets numerous times. Culture shock and home sickness are real. It took me a year to really adjust. I know I could’ve just gone back home and forget about everything but I can’t. I don’t want to be a disappointment especially when my dad shelled out a lot of money to support me. I tried a lot of diversion tactics to keep myself busy (aside from work).

I learned a lot from this stint of my life. It opened my mind and heart. I learned to be more open-minded, be a bolder decision-maker and dreamer. This nursing career brought me to places I have never imagined to visit.

It was truly a great experience while it lasted. Thus the need to move again.

It was a good one Singapore.


Bowyer's Block

Favorite Drink || Daily Prompt #4

What is your favorite drink?

It really depends on my mood. I’m not much of an alcohol drinker, now that’s out of the equation. I recently went home for a vacation in the Philippines and I indulged a lot on Mango Shake (or smoothie). Until now, it’s still on my mind. So it’s my current favorite.

I'm drinking the classic mango shake from The Mango Farm.
I’m not their endorser. K?

One Of The Best Gifts I’ve Received || Daily Prompt #3

Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.

I’ve never really received a lot of gifts especially when I was young. Nito na lang, into my adult life. For me, the most thoughtful gifts na na-receive ko is not really the expensive kind. Yung tipong they observed kung ano yung gusto ko at talagang hanapin pa nila. Effort yun ha. Siguro yung pinakarecent na talagang tuwang-tuwa ako. My Aunt sent me Garrett Popcorn for Christmas 2020. I was so happy. Garrett Popcorn is one of my guilty pleasures especially when I was still working in Singapore.

How about you? What is your most memorable gift? Tell me about it please, on the comment section.