Ho Chi Minh City At Night || Vietnam

I decided to roam the streets after my day tour. I’m so glad, I did.

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Ho Chi Minh City || Vietnam

This annual leave was supposed to be reserved for me and my husband’s second honeymoon in Maldives. Due to impractical prices of plane fares and expensive rates in Maldives we weren’t able to push through. Even an option of another Bangkok, Thailand escapade was nakakabutas bulsa. I gave him the option of  going to Vietnam, but he still has some issues with the Vietnam War.
I asked his permission if I could go  alone. He was apprehensive at first, but he trusted me and gave me permission. Thank you Seff, for letting me experience this opportunity. I love you very much. And because of this trip, I convinced him to comeback with me there. He was fascinated with my stories of their healthy food. *wink *wink*.

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San Diego Air & Space Museum

This was a few years ago and I’ve finally thought of doing a decent blog for SDASM 😅.

I figured out Ripley’s Believe it or Not exhibition is in town. I would finally know how I can open the “Mystery Gate.”rip2
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The Sunday Currently || 007


READING – None. Chaka ko! I bought some bargain books though. I haven’t started reading them.

WRITING – None. Grabe ang ka-chakahan ko ha! I’m not doing vlogs for next week and I will formulate a sensible blog post. *fingers crossed*

LISTEN – My Britney Spears playlist in Spotify. Currently on – From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart.

THINKING – What’s wrong with me? I’m feeling something different with my body. I will be seeing my PCP tomorrow.

SMELLING – Nothing. Just regular air. LOL.

WISHING – My back pain will just go away!!!!!

HOPING – To be more creative and maintain my neurons active until I’m a 100 y/o. Seriously!

WEARING- PJ pants and raggy old shirt. Fave sleeping outfit ever!!!!!!

LOVING – My 10 step Korean skin care products that I use. Especially the essence. It’s my fave part of the routine.

WANTING – That designer bag. I’ve already saved up for one from last year. I’m currently saving up for the new one and I haven’t got the bag that I want from last year. Does this makes sense? Sorry if it’s confusing.

NEEDING – Vacation or an out of town getaway.

FEELING – Tired. I feel there’s something wrong with my body.

CLICKING – Clicking the other tabs on Chrome. I’m multi-tasking.

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Wonderspaces || San Diego

Art nowadays are more interactive and instagrammable than ever! 😅

Snapseed 5

We are fortunate enough to experience Wonderspaces in San Diego. It has a limited run, so I made sure we can experience it before the exhibits move to another city.
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