Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3 is a renowned celebrity favorite thanks to its famous original New York City location, whimsical desserts and frequent appearances in film. Begin with its famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate drink that blends 20 different kinds of chocolate into an icy cocoa concoction. Indulge in unique takes on classic dishes like the colossal dinosaur-sized BBQ Ribs, Monster Meatballs and Spaghetti and hundreds of other items.  — Source                        



With an old-fashioned ice cream parlor décor, Serendipity 3\’s setting is colorfully appealing to both adults and youths. Expect the pleasantly unexpected at this casual, quirky dining and drinking destination located just off the Las Vegas Strip near Caesars Palace\’s front fountains. —SOURCE

Me and my sisters-in-law waiting in queue.


Interiors transcends a colorful ambiance that appeals to adult and children. The vibe is still comfortable which makes this place perfect for meet-ups and get-together with friends or families (if the place is not packed). Make sure you come here at off-peak hours to avoid a long queue.


We came there for dessert. While waiting for our order, I was pa-simple looking at other customers table. Servings are HUGE. But, I was still surprised to see what Serendipity has in-store for us.

The Best Red Velvet Cake. Moist, not too sweet (for my taste) and creamy. Delicious!

It\’s delicious as well but, the serving was overwhelming I felt full right away. I think 1/4 of the serving will do for me the next time. Better yet, share it with someone.
Fried Oreo…Sinfully good!
This chocolate-y drink looks innocent at first but, wait till the alcohol runs straight into throat…
More alcohol-based desserts for adults!
Whoa! We finished everything! 

The next time that I\’m here, I\’ll definitely try their other desserts and classic dishes.

Customer-service: OK. 
Cleanliness: OK. 
Price Range: $$-$$$ 
Crowd control: Pleasant

The Boiling Crab

I just love how The Boiling Crab reoriented my taste bud on eating some mean crab and shrimp.

You have to get down and dirty with it. Hands clean, hair up, plastic bib tight on your neck. We had it to go, the first time.

The second time was when Toper was here for a visit. We went to their space in MiraMesa. The place has a rugged and simple ambience. It\’s big place, overcrowding is not a problem and they handle the crowd well.

 I think the interiors and ambiance matches the food, SIMPLE and straight to the point.

Just make sure, the hands are clean!

I think the secret is in the sauce. I mean, I\’ve eaten seafood many times but, I find it delicious because it was cooked and presented differently. I love it especially when you pour the sauce in steaming white rice. Yum!

Little brother likes TBC. I saw it in his face before and after.

In-n-Out Burger

I leave Vegas for the meantime. 
As we were leaving, I noticed that The Luxor is a little isolated from everybody. Next time I should try riding the Monorail
I\’ll see you soon JBWKZ
Thereafter, all I see is this…SUN and SAND.


Upon arriving in Barstow, I finally had the chance to eat In-N-Out Burger! Yipeeee!!!!! (And to think, that this burger joint is just a 5-10 minutes walk from our house >.< )

The staff  especially their  \”caps\” reminds me of Good Burger. Hehehehe 


Photo Source

I\’ve been hearing a lot about this burger. I have friends who had tried it here in California and a successful pop-up in Singapore. With a positive feedback, how can I not be jittery the moment I stepped inside the store.
The fries are great! Deep-fried to perfection.
We had the Double-Double burger.
There\’s something about the juiciness of the burger. That complements the cheese and the rest of the toppings. According to Jaina, for her it has something to do with \”THE SAUCE.\”

I was in a food coma for the rest of the trip. I\’m sooooooooooo Hhhhhhaaaaaappppyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

The second time I ate there, I brought along my brother Peng (who was visiting at the time). For him it was just OK. Meaning: \”Above average. Fries in Shake Shack are way better.\” Well that\’s his opinion. It stirred a curiosity about Shake Shack and the yearning of visiting New York City soon. 
For now, I\’ll enjoy my In-n-Outs.


Eating Out in San Diego

Eating out in San Diego has a diverse array of food choices. From buffet, fast food chain, cafes etc. San Diego has it. It may take me a lifetime to try everything but, I need to start somewhere.  

1. Mongolian Stir Fry

Stir Fresh was started by a family of Mongolian Barbeque eaters with 25 years of mongolian dining experience. When relocating to San Diego County in 1996, we could not find a Mongolian Barbeque restaurant, so we opened our own. We serve Mongolian Barbeque in the traditional way, with the finest of ingredients including white breast chicken and the traditional sesame seed pocket biscuit (shau Bin).  —Source


What I like about this is they serve the vegetables, meat, seafood and sauces buffet style. Feel free to help yourself! Price range is between $11-15 (approximately) drinks not included. Comes with either rice and sesame bread but I chose the latter. Rice makes me full at a faster! ( I need to have my seconds…LOL)

Watch the video for this is how they do the cooking. These guys are more entertaining though. 

What I didn\’t like about the grill was, if a previous customer picks a spicy sauce. The next person in line will likely have a spicy mix and it happened to me. I\’m not a big fan of  spicy food. The Rancho Penasquitos branch is spacious and clean. I don\’t like the mess on the buffet area. It\’s largely, caused by customers who accidentally drops or spill the sauces, veggies etc. I understand when the staff can\’t simply clean it right away because of the queue. I think cleaning the mess promptly if the queue is lesser.

2. Arby\’s 
My first time to try the fish sandwich. Yum! We frequent the Point Loma branch. 


3. Turkey Leg (from Seaworld) 
Bigger and juicier as compared to the Universal Studios Singapore version (where I experienced it the first time).

4. Project Pie (Chula Vista)
Read my review in my previous post. They also accept military discounts. If not in uniform, just show them a valid military ID.

5. Roadem Korean BBQ

Barbecue buffet where you don\’t need to stand and get your food. Everything is served in your table. You just need to choose your \”food package.\” It costs $11 (if my memory serves me right) excluding drinks.
We opted for beef, pork and seafood \”package.\” It has kimchi, rice, egg and other side dishes. Once you\’ve finished anything from the food choices, the staff will be giving you another batch.

Manila Sunset derived its name from this beautiful Philippine scenery – for in many ways, the food of Manila Sunset evokes the same nostalgic feeling. They bring back the memories of old-fashioned homecooking and traditional celebrations: Pasko, Simbang Gabi, Flores de Mayo, weddings, homecomings and other joyous occasions. 

Manila Sunset specializes in a few but unique and hard-to-find Filipino foods such as Bibingkang Galapong and Puto Bumbong which are traditionally found in church plazas and roadside stalls only during the Christmas Season. Our best seller, Pancit Malabon is prepared from an original well-guarded recipe from the fishing village of Malabon from which the name of the delicacy came from. Even in the Philippines, there are only very few cooks who know how to prepare this delicacy. source

Clockwise from upper left side: Pork BBQ, Halo-halo, Lumpiang Gulay, Arrozcaldo. One of the few Filipino dishes that Manila Sunset has.
When I want my dose of Filipino food, the National City branch is our go-to-place. My favorites are Bibingkang Galapong (by far the best that I\’ve tasted even I was in the Philippines) and Puto Bumbong. Just take note that they are packed during lunch and dinner time. They have lots of customers aside from the dine-in orders, they cater to to-go customers as well. Waiting time will depend on the customers present. Especially on their busy hours. Not recommended for those who are super hungry.

7. Seasons Buffet in Barona Casino

We hope you’re loving the changes to our award-winning buffet! You’ll enjoy our new Ship of Seafood, featuring favorites such as smoked salmon, smoked whitefish, and bay shrimp. And our Baked Potato Bar is a big hit, where you can deck out your spud any way you want! –source

Love this award-winning buffet! Peak hours queue are crazy! (waiting hours 45 minutes to 1 hour). They have good control of the crowd. So once you get inside it\’s not crammed. Moving around to get food is easy.

They provide cookies for those who are in line. If you are waiting in the casino area, they provide coffee, juice mix concoctions, chocolates, soda and water for free.

Macadamia Cookies

Side note:

Porto\’s Bakery & Cafe

My brother-in-law Jon gave us this delectable bread as pasalubong.


I don\’t know what they call this bread. It has a cheese filling inside that compliments. Delish! Makes me want to go in Los Angeles just to sample what the cafe has to offer.

Till next food trip! 

Baking Noob

Six months of domesticated life has engaged me to do things I\’ve either done before (almost forgotten) and never done at all. Baking was one of it.
Baking is HARD! It\’s an exact science. Every measurement of ALL the ingredients has to be accurate. One wrong measurement would take the recipe to another direction. My very first try at it was a huge FAIL! You can\’t recognize that it was a cookie.
I choose to persevere. I kept on practicing until all the flour and butter supply in the kitchen exhausted. Eventually, my hardwork paid off…


My Auntie Erly who\’s an experienced baker (based in Michigan), advised me to learn baking from scratch. Dependency on ready-to-bake items is a no-no. Well, what she said is true. Because seeing the result of hard work is very fulfilling. That\’s why some of my friends find baking as a stress reliever.

This was my second try for baking cookies. I tried tweaking the sugar content but it didn\’t do wonders.
It may look like a cookie now but it\’s like flattened muffins. Pfftt!!?!
Next 3rd and 4th try has already sealed the deal. I can manage baking cookies now! Woohoo! The 5th try though I tired to decrease sugar content again. Lesson learned: Look for low sugar recipe on Pinterest. Ask the experts for advise. As for my latest try  (I just had it the other night), I was able to reproduce the cookie that was called for in the recipe. Yipee!
Aside from cookies, I\’ve done leche flan using the oven (we have no steamer). I was happy to get the result that I want, a \”poreless,\” smooth and intact flan. I got the recipe from the youtube channel of Pinay Cooking Lessons.
I had Puto craving a few months ago. So I used a ready-to-make mixture but steam-baked in the oven. 
Obviously, it was an easy one. Just enough to satisfy my craving. 
For introduction to baking, tips, ingredients etc. I follow Lindsay Ann, winner of Food Network\’s Cupcake Wars. She has the best small batch recipes of cookies and cakes. If you\’re a beginner like me, it\’s best to whip up recipes in small batch. Just in case it\’s a fail, at least you don\’t waste a lot of ingredients. Joy of Baking has lots of recipes as well, from cakes to shortbreads. She has an extensive video archives of baking tutorials.
Can\’t wait to bake cupcakes. Yey!

Fast Food Fix

Lots of fast food joints are available in San Diego. Most of it are not exactly approved by Seff (hubby is fitness junkie period). From time to time he lets me experience a part of it.
The fast food industry here is quite diverse. I\’m happy for the variety so there\’s a lot to choose from (aside from my fave Subway sandwiches). I also noticed the humongous servings that they have! Which makes it sulit. Most of their drinks are refillable. A small or regular sized drink will do because you can refill it anytime. This is what I call  a well deserved cheat meal. 

1. El Pollo Loco


2. Chick – Fil – A – Specializes in chicken meals. I love them because they support the military. We got free breakfast from them!


Chick Fil A Chick n Mini – Chicken in biscuit. Tastes good with their sauce ( I forgot the name)
Chicken, egg & cheese sunflower multigrain bagel for hubby.
3. Wendy\’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers – Even when I was in the PHL and SG, among the famous burger joints Wendy\’s has the best and juiciest burger in my opinion. Hubby told me that their meat are always fresh that\’s why he finds it expensive among the other burgers. 
I was thinking, how come Wendy\’s comes in a longer name/title. Hhhmmm…

I can\’t remember the name of this wrap. A healthy alternative from Wendy\’s aside from the salads.
Chili. Have to mix it with crushed crackers. It\’s delicious not too spicy.
I tried their cheese and its sinfully good.
The following are those that I wasn\’t able to photo because I was really hungry. 
6. Arby\’s

…known for slow roasted roast beef, turkey, and premium Angus beef sandwiches, sliced fresh every day. —-SOURCE

Roast Turkey and Swiss Wrap. Photo grabbed from their website.

7. Rubio\’s – First time I was here it was a Taco Tuesday. 
The Original Fish Taco
8. Stone Oven – Gourmet sandwiches and salads. 
Got this from their website.
I had their Santa Fe Hot Ham. Aside from the sandwich this includes a side item of your choice Gourmet salad, Caesar Salad, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad or Gourmet Potato Chips. So their serving are good for two people if they are diet conscious plus the drinks are refillable for sodas. 
If my brothers and sisters are here, they will surely love this food line-up.  
Till next my next foodie trip.