The Boiling Crab

I just love how The Boiling Crab reoriented my taste bud on eating some mean crab and shrimp.

You have to get down and dirty with it. Hands clean, hair up, plastic bib tight on your neck. We had it to go, the first time.

The second time was when Toper was here for a visit. We went to their space in MiraMesa. The place has a rugged and simple ambience. It\’s big place, overcrowding is not a problem and they handle the crowd well.

 I think the interiors and ambiance matches the food, SIMPLE and straight to the point.

Just make sure, the hands are clean!

I think the secret is in the sauce. I mean, I\’ve eaten seafood many times but, I find it delicious because it was cooked and presented differently. I love it especially when you pour the sauce in steaming white rice. Yum!

Little brother likes TBC. I saw it in his face before and after.

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