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  • Please let there be High Speed Bullet Trains from San Diego to San Francisco, California! And the the rest of the USA. Know why a bullet train can change everything.
  • When I was still in Singapore, I made sure that after we finished our contract with our first flat I will look for a walking-distance lodging for the next few years. The rent was higher but, I don\’t mind at all. It doesn\’t come at par to the stress of commuting and traffic. My family could tell that ever since I moved to Everton Park, I\’m happier. It\’s a different story here in the car country. For now, I\’m still happy with walking and public transport. It may not be perfect but, it works for me. Some people think so too.
  • Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived. It\’s not a question, it\’s a fact. Read it here.
  • For me, garapon is still the best drinking glass ever! That\’s my pa-hipster way of drinking on a unique glass when I was younger. I only stopped doing that when I found out that one of it was used to store my sister\’s frog for biology class. Fast forward to today, mason jars are all over Pinterest. Click and find out, why Mason Jars regained its popularity.
  • I\’m just glad Jessica Zafra is back to writing.

2 thoughts on “Linklovin 4

  1. Natawa ako nung naalala ko yung hitsura mo nun. Hahaha. Namutla ka nung sinabi ko sa iyo yun. Kaya nga nakabukod eh. I can remember the horror nung nakita ko na iniinuman mo. 😂😂😂


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