Do You Bite or Lick Ice Cream || Random Questions Part 1

Let’s do this like the good old tumblr days as a blog post filler 😅.

1. Do you bite or lick ice cream? – Bite! I find ice cream useless when licked. #justmyopinion

One Of The Best Gifts I’ve Received || Daily Prompt #3

Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.

I’ve never really received a lot of gifts especially when I was young. Nito na lang, into my adult life. For me, the most thoughtful gifts na na-receive ko is not really the expensive kind. Yung tipong they observed kung ano yung gusto ko at talagang hanapin pa nila. Effort yun ha. Siguro yung pinakarecent na talagang tuwang-tuwa ako. My Aunt sent me Garrett Popcorn for Christmas 2020. I was so happy. Garrett Popcorn is one of my guilty pleasures especially when I was still working in Singapore.

How about you? What is your most memorable gift? Tell me about it please, on the comment section.


The Sunday Currently || 051


I just partially finished clearing my stuff for selling and donating. I have a lot more to clear though but at least I’ve already started it. Before giving birth to Kulinggit, I cleared out some make-up and skincare products that I haven’t used or opened. Turns out, I still haven’t used many of what is left. I also need to give up some bags that I have because I got new ones. Then now, I have to look for the box that I specifically collected for delivery of all the stuff I don’t need. So I think the lesson learned here is don’t buy stuff I don’t need, says the person typing this who just purchased “semi-necessities” again 🙄.

The Sunday Currently || 048


I went home early today from work for the first time ever! Joseph was like…

The Sunday Currently || 046


Kulinggit is taking a nap. I’m simmering chicken pork adobo on the stove for lunch. Nothing special happening today, just the usual Sunday for us. We just want to stay at home para hindi uminit ang ulo namin dahil sa init.

7 hours later…

O diba, motherhood changed me a lot. Pati ang blog post may gap continuation 😅. In the 7 hour gap, I did my mom duties with matching basang kili-kili, chapped lips at gure-gureng buhok. Isama mo na ang nanlilimahid kong mukha na may leave-on facial mask na until now hindi ko pa naririnse. Pero kung sa ika-aayos naman ng anakis ko, ayos lang. More to come pa ang mom duty ganaps, please bear with me.

The Sunday Currently || 045


Just stayed at home when the initial plan is to go out. Tinamad na ako tapos mainit pa baka magwala lang si Kulinggit. Everyone is possibly out today because it’s the Labor Day Weekend after all. Kulinggit had a fever the past 2 days due to her vaccinations so I’m also keeping a close watch. We just did the usual today, eat, nap, VC with mom and dad, check the garden, clean up stuff then eat and nap again 😅.