The Sunday Currently || 051


I just partially finished clearing my stuff for selling and donating. I have a lot more to clear though but at least I’ve already started it. Before giving birth to Kulinggit, I cleared out some make-up and skincare products that I haven’t used or opened. Turns out, I still haven’t used many of what is left. I also need to give up some bags that I have because I got new ones. Then now, I have to look for the box that I specifically collected for delivery of all the stuff I don’t need. So I think the lesson learned here is don’t buy stuff I don’t need, says the person typing this who just purchased “semi-necessities” again 🙄.

As for my little family, we are doing good. It is hard to believe but Kulinggit will be a year soon. I know right?! Bilis ng panahon. It seems like yesterday that I did a pregnancy test. I haven’t planned anything yet for her birthday and christening. Soooooo good luck to us 😬

READING – I just finished the web novel Under the Oak Tree. I got impatient and looked for the novel version. It made me cry though 🥺. I love the story. It’s an ongoing novel so, I need to be patient.

WRITING – None. Lately, I’ve been thinking of just “writing” here in the blog. Just like the good old days. Take my photos, share what I’m comfortable to share and mind my own business. Since not many read blogs anymore. I remember just taking photos of whatever, edit then post.

I think, what broke me as a content creator is perfectionism. That everything needs to be perfect. From grammatical errors to making my photos flawless. Even in my vlog, I strive for perfection knowing it is not but I still insisted on it.

LISTENING – I can hear the heater sound.

THINKING – I’m hungry


WISHING – I have unlimited money.

HOPING – Ukraine will be saved.

WEARING – PJs. Like always naman.

LOVING – My Manong Luwi Benetton na bag.

WANTING – Another Manong Luwi purse.

NEEDING – Another deep tissue massage. I just had one the other day. I want another one.

FEELING – Hyped but don’t know where to start.

CLICKING – I clicked Colourpop’s website to check out a lipstick.


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