San Diego | Kissing Statues


Kissing Statues

This statue is a series of sculptures byย Seward Johnsonย resembling a photograph byย Alfred Eisenstaedt,ย Vโ€“J day in Times Square, but said by Johnson to be based on a similar, less well known, photograph byย Victor Jorgensen.ย —-> Source

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Things to do in Phuket

Lots of activities are available to do in Phuket. It highly depends on your interests. Here’s what we had:

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Philippines | Bahay ni Jose Rizal

UntitledDuring one of my vacation leave (when I was still working in Singapore), I asked mom and Cha to take me to Jose Rizal’s house. It’s been a while since the last time I visited ( I was still in grade school). I hoped that the weather will cooperate. It somehow gave me a chance. Well, it’s better than nothing. I’m just glad I took the chance to come back. It felt wonderful.

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Amtrak Ride from SD to Anaheim

This is just a short video of me and my brother Christopher during his 2014 visit. We’re on our way to Anaheim and getting dizzy inside a teacup.


Itย also served as reminder, ย that I shouldn’t have stopped shooting videos. Everything now areย on videos whichย are, easilyย accessible as you use the potty. I could’ve improved since then.

Everything’s been said and done. I’ve started filming/shooting again. It’s always never too late to start all over.