San Diego Air & Space Museum

This was a few years ago and I’ve finally thought of doing a decent blog for SDASM 😅.

I figured out Ripley’s Believe it or Not exhibition is in town. I would finally know how I can open the “Mystery Gate.”rip2

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Exhibit was in the Philippines during the 90’s in Shangrila (I think). We had a school field trip there and it was lots of fun! The exhibition is very interactive, informative, larger that life, “high tech” (elibs ako sa Hologram na Mr. Ripley tapos nai-angat pa niya ang book sa desk niya kahit hindi siya in-real life 😅). Ripley’s coincided with the Batibot exhibit (that was also part of the field trip) with the theme: “Children of the World” something like that.  The theme song is right here.

Because of time constraints (or maybe failure to foresee what the exhibits has to offer). We were asked by teachers to hurry up because we need to be in another place ( I remember, hands clapping asking us to just breathe and go). I was at the Mystery Gate exhibit and I never had the chance to unlock the mystery gate.

The thing is, I love the Ripley’s because there were lots of helpful staff who were on the floor to assist and educate you about the artifacts in place.

I was bitter.

Fast forward to today… Lo and behold!rip9rip10rip11 rip12

And my bitterness faded away. LOL

I know I could’ve just googled searched it but, I want to find out and see with my own eyes!

And here are the other exhibits.rip8

Before the Crazy Cat Lady Starter kit. We have the Vampire Killing Kit.rip7rip6

Microscopic Paintingrip3rip4

And other stuffrip13 rip14

Tallest man in the world. My husband looks like his child. LOLrip15

Eeeeek!!!!! I’m not even half his height.rip21

After Ripley’s we went out straight to the Air & Space Museum.rip17 rip22rip23 rip24rip25 rip5rip26

Loving the pink boots! Was it comfortable wearing boots as a FA? It looks cool though.rip27 rip28rip29rip31

In this museum, I discovered about pressed penny as a souvenir collection.rip33 rip35rip36

Found these electric cars outside the parking lot. I’m thinking of giving my mom one. LOL.rip37


Sorry if my pics are not of great quality. During that time, I’m still working on using the prime lens that I got. When in truth, until this day I was never able to do/use/master the use of prime lens. Jokes on me 😑.

I had a great time!

This place is great to visit especially if you wanted to know more about the aviation history and space frontiers of the previous century. rip1



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