The Sunday Currently || 008


I’m on lunch break at work on a Sunday. Here goes…

READING – Something work related, e-mails and lots of it.

WRITING – For work: reports. For myself: a lot unfinished blog post.

LISTEN – The sound of the vendo machine beside me. LOL

THINKING – I have lots on my plate, I don’t know where to start. This is for my financial future.

SMELLING – Air?! lol

WISHING – It’s my day off, so I can work on my goals at home.

HOPING – That all my endeavors will come true!

WEARING – My scrubs

LOVING – My personal position in life, and my decent financial status. I’m not rich but, I’m glad I can pay the bills and be of help to my family.

WANTING – Another designer bag, Prada!!!


FEELING – Sleepy!

CLICKING – Click on my vlog. I‘m working on improving it. Especially with speaking in English. I want to reach a wider audience.


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