The Sunday Currently || 053


Hello! Time flies fast and my Kulinggit is almost a year old 🥺. Motherhood has been a rollercoaster ride for me for the past year. I want to make more kwento pero malapit na mag-Monday 😅.

READING – Webtoon and Manta comics. Been trying different stories from time to time. Whichever is free 😆.

WRITING – None. I keep on telling myself to write, listen to audiobooks or read books even if it’s a few pages. Pero waley parin 😅.

LISTENING – Lullaby songs. Kulinggit is sleeping na.

THINKING – Anong iluluto ko bukas?


WISHING – Lots of money.

HOPING – World peace.

WEARING – PJs what else 🤷‍♀️!

LOVING – MSH Love Liner Liquid. I’m finally getting better in applying a cat eye for my eye make-up! Thanks to this liner. So far the best tool (in my books) when using an eyeliner.

WANTING – Another purse!

NEEDING – Deep tissue massage and mani/pedi. I’ll do it next week.

FEELING – Pain. My right neck and shoulder hurts.

CLICKING – Amazon. I still have stuff in the cart that I haven’t purchased.


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The Sunday Currently || 051


I just partially finished clearing my stuff for selling and donating. I have a lot more to clear though but at least I’ve already started it. Before giving birth to Kulinggit, I cleared out some make-up and skincare products that I haven’t used or opened. Turns out, I still haven’t used many of what is left. I also need to give up some bags that I have because I got new ones. Then now, I have to look for the box that I specifically collected for delivery of all the stuff I don’t need. So I think the lesson learned here is don’t buy stuff I don’t need, says the person typing this who just purchased “semi-necessities” again 🙄.

The Sunday Currently || 050


Soooooo anone? 😅

It was a busy start of the year for me. I was tired most of the time because of the covid surge and I’m also studying for a test. I was able to remove the ornaments of the Christmas tree. I was seriously thinking of just keeping it throughout the year. Para di na ako mahirapan 😂! Si Kulinggit lumalaki na ng husto! Inaantok na ako. Tapusin ko na ito!

The Sunday Currently || 049


How’s your Christmas weekend? I hope everything went smoothly for you. We are just chill at home. My in-laws visited us, chatted with mom and dad on messenger then facetimed my other in-laws on the other side of the country. I’m just glad my sizzums brought food for us (thank you soooo much). I have no chance to cook or order anything because I’m working. We opened our gifts and did nothing lol. I rested for the most part. Oh and it’s Kulinggit’s 8th month. She’s growing up so fast 😭. She’s eating more solids now. I’m thankful my husband is on top of our Kulinggit’s nourishment.

The Sunday Currently || 048


I went home early today from work for the first time ever! Joseph was like…

The Sunday Currently || 047


Woke up early from my mornight sleep. I tried going back to sleep but the need to use the loo and the urge to check my phone didn’t made it easy. My fault. I can still hear my Kulinggit crying. Baka inaantok na. Then I hear her dad’s singing voice, alam na this 😅.