Indonesia | Bintan Lagoon Resort

I have been to Bintan, Indonesia twice. Both trips I went alone. It’s one of the most accessible getaway from Singapore. Most of the time, it’s a spur-of-the-moment trip. Which means, I pay more because, I don’t avail of the deals. This time around I stayed at Bintan Lagoon Resort.


Malaysia | Legoland

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My all time most popular post is We Are The Lego Kids and I expressed my wishes to visit Legoland Malaysia. Through persistence, initiative and planning, We visited the park a few weeks ago. Yehey!

Duxton Road

In one of my photowalks for the Mid- Autumn Festival in Singapore 2012, I encountered Duxton Road in Tanjong Pagar. It\’s one hidden gem for dining that I wasn\’t able to experience at all. It\’s either I was too busy to remember or too stingy to give in. Pfft! So here I am checking my old photos sour-graping.                  

Anyway, there\’s always a next time and I\’m posting so everybody can come and see what it has offer.

There\’s this quaint little bookstore along the way called Littered With Books. The cozy two storey high haven makes me want to stay there the whole day and just read books!
At the time that I was there, they don\’t allow photo-taking. According to customers who reviewed them in yelp. Their book prices are cheaper than other bookstores that gives you reason to come back over and over. The staff are very courteous and helpful.

After exiting the store, I was doing some shots when this guy just came out of nowhere. He asked for to be photographed, quickly said thanks and walked off.
They appear to be looking for something…hhmmmm
Further into the streets are some offices
I think Clarence worked here, if my memory serves me right.
Bistros, pub, winery…I see most of the people in this side of town are yuppies. 
The former Berjaya Hotel now called The Duxton for they have changed management. I like the rustic charm of it. Who would have now a shop house can effectively be a hotel structure.
An architectural heritage
Too bad I wasn\’t able to come back at all. Duxton Hill has also an interesting wine and dine vibe. This place is excellent for after work hours chillaxing and hang-out.
Till next time

Jollibee in SG

One of the staple pasalubong or request from friends visiting or coming back from their annual leave (from PHL to SG) is the Jollibee Chicken Joy. It\’s truly nakakamiss because it\’s like no other. The taste is authentically Pinoy. Juicy meat, crispy skin, delectable gravy makes my stomach grumble with hunger. 
When I was a kid, Jollibee is our happy place. It\’s just so fun to be there because aside from eating we get to play in their indoor playground. Mom even signed me up to the Jolly Kiddie Club and I get to receive newsletter every two months, if I\’m not mistaken.
Imagine our delight when we found out that Jollibee has opened. Yehey! It\’s about time! USA, Vietnam, Hongkong has been enjoying it for so long (even Anthony Bourdain has a say about it). Now it\’s Singapore\’s turn. 
I heard that the first day it opened, the queue was CRAZY! I heard they don\’t close until 2 AM in the morning just to accommodate people who waited. What surprised me the most are the locals especially my colleagues at work would ask me about it. That made them curious. Good thing, Jolibee is Halal-certified so our  Malay brothers and sisters can enjoy it as well. 
I can say the opening is a success. They are already planning on opening a second branch. As for the naysayers…God bless you.
After all the hype, I was able to try it with my friends. The best part is, LIBRE ni Ate Jenet. Thank you 🙂
Ate Jenet, Jay Cee, Me
Photo courtesy of Jay Cee