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My all time most popular post is We Are The Lego Kids and I expressed my wishes to visit Legoland Malaysia. Through persistence, initiative and planning, We visited the park a few weeks ago. Yehey!

Going to Legoland from Singapore is easy. We rode the train (green line) from Outram Park to Jurong East. Upon exit, you will see the Jurong East Bus Interchange. From there we rode the Causeway Link Bus going to CIQ 2nd Link (CW3 or CW4). Costs SGD 4.
The bus ride will take 40 minutes ++ then off you go to Singapore Immigration Checkpoint. Don’t forget to bring your passport! After the stamping and checking you need to ride your bus again. This time, it won’t matter if you ride CW4, CW3, CW6 (from Boon Lay) because you’ll still be on your way to Malaysia Immigration. Just remember to keep your ticket. I just noticed that there’s no filling-up of embarkation/disembarkation card anymore, is this for good?
We followed the directions towards bus stand. You need to ride the bus labeled JPO2 that has a schedule. Turns out we missed the first trip! While waiting we looked for some money-changer. But the nearest mall is a few minutes away via taxi which means we still need RM. Good thing the bus accepts SGD. I was close to being cheated, when a staff of a bus company said he will change our money. He asks me how much do I want to change. I answered firmly that I only want to change 10 SGD. He looked pissed at me and left. The bus ride to Legoland was about 30 minutes ++ because there’s some congestion at Mall of Medini (the open air mall in front of LL).
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We were dropped off at the bus stop on the farther left side of Legoland. We walked a few meters and voila! Together with my go-to and coffee buddy Chedz. We embark on our Legoland journey.
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We survived this trip without RM. At least, they accept SGD but they give change in RM. May I suggest that you pay in high denominations because the exchange rate will be different for small bills (e.g. like 10, 50 SGD). Good thing they accept debit and credit cards when purchasing food/items. The other option withdraw in an ATM and it’ll dispense RM.
The park is in their festive mode.
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The Lego creations are larger that life! When I was a kid all the lego parts are either grabbed and held by hand but now…
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Most of the rides are for kids. There are some rides for adults don’t expect extremeness. Beforehand I was aware that it’s a kiddie theme park so I’m not really disappointed. The place is very colorful! A nice photo-op.
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I find Legoland unique on its own accord, making it incomparable to other amusement parks I’ve been to. Most activities are interactive, it requires a child to socialize and interact.
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Ride the train so you can have a quick look around the park. It’s quite a short ride. They should’ve expanded it para mas sulit.
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As for food, choices are quite limited. I find it expensive, especially the drinks. But the food tastes OK.
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Mini-Land has this famous Asian landmarks as miniature Lego creations.
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For souvenir shopping, I got ref magnets (as usual). Afterwards, I enjoyed looking at the novelties around me.
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Customer service was great. Keep it up!
I think, there’s more to come for this theme park. They’re still developing rides, a water theme park will be opening by 2014 or 2015. The Legoland Hotel construction is ongoing. Gives you more reason to come back. They’re also expanding in Asia. Next stop…Japan!
1. Drink lots of water. It’s very hot during the day.
2. In relation to #1 wear hats, sunscreen, umbrella etc. that helps you not to get sun burned.
3. Change your currencies to RM before going there. There’s no money-changers around.
4. Bring extra shirt. There are some rides and attractions that involves water and suds (teaser *wink *wink*)
5. Bring extra batteries for your camers. Lots of photo ops inside.
6. Weather is unpredictable. When we arrived in Malaysia, it was scorching hot and next thing we know it’s raining very hard.
7. Take care of your health after coming here. If the weather is hot, we tend to go inside the buildings with AC units. The AC are on full-blast. Sudden change of temperature could affect your body. Make sure you rest well after your visit in the park.
Originally posted at blogspot c. 2013

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