San Diego | Kissing Statues


Kissing Statues

This statue is a series of sculptures by Seward Johnson resembling a photograph by Alfred EisenstaedtV–J day in Times Square, but said by Johnson to be based on a similar, less well known, photograph by Victor Jorgensen. —-> Source

Kissing Statues

It was a beautiful sunny day in Downtown San Diego. Good enough to stroll and do some sightseeing. I want to see the statues for the longest time. Finally! We were able to go. It’s located next to the USS Midway Museum.                             Kissing Statues                     Kissing Statues

One of the familiar landmarks that San Diego is known for.   Kissing Statues

Kissing StatuesKissing Statues

The rest are the sights nearby the statue.                    
                               Kissing StatuesKissing Statues

National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military.Kissing StatuesKissing Statues
Kissing Statues

The Fish Market. Overheard from a fellow commuter in the trolley “the best seafood in town.” We shall see about that.Kissing Statues

Memorial for US Aircraft Carrier that was lost during the WWII.                             Kissing StatuesKissing StatuesKissing StatuesKissing Statues

USS Midway and the Kissing Statues are located along North Harbor Drive. The parking is a little difficult (especially on a weekend), plan ahead.





Originally posted October 3, 2014 on blogspot.

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