The Sunday Currently || 050


Soooooo anone? 😅

It was a busy start of the year for me. I was tired most of the time because of the covid surge and I’m also studying for a test. I was able to remove the ornaments of the Christmas tree. I was seriously thinking of just keeping it throughout the year. Para di na ako mahirapan 😂! Si Kulinggit lumalaki na ng husto! Inaantok na ako. Tapusin ko na ito!

READING – Manta Comics. I just finished reading Under the Oak Tree. Kilig ako kay Riftan 😆. My typical type of guy, borta at matangkad *ehem husband ehem* 😂.

WRITING – Wala eh.

LISTENING – Sleep sounds for baby. Natutulog sa tabi ko sa Kulinggit.

THINKING – Lots of stuff.


WISHING – Unlimited money please.

HOPING – Hoping the pandemic will end. Like now na!

WEARING – PJs. Anong bago?! 😅

LOVING – Paypal. No need to look for my credit card when online shopping at night 😂. I installed the app on my phone. It’s easier than EVER!

WANTING – Chanel WOC. Still fantasizing about it 🤷‍♀️.

NEEDING –  I need to buy pants for Kulinggit. Bitin na eh.

FEELING – Sleepy.

CLICKING – I just checked out Chanel’s website.


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