Baking Noob

Six months of domesticated life has engaged me to do things I\’ve either done before (almost forgotten) and never done at all. Baking was one of it.
Baking is HARD! It\’s an exact science. Every measurement of ALL the ingredients has to be accurate. One wrong measurement would take the recipe to another direction. My very first try at it was a huge FAIL! You can\’t recognize that it was a cookie.
I choose to persevere. I kept on practicing until all the flour and butter supply in the kitchen exhausted. Eventually, my hardwork paid off…


My Auntie Erly who\’s an experienced baker (based in Michigan), advised me to learn baking from scratch. Dependency on ready-to-bake items is a no-no. Well, what she said is true. Because seeing the result of hard work is very fulfilling. That\’s why some of my friends find baking as a stress reliever.

This was my second try for baking cookies. I tried tweaking the sugar content but it didn\’t do wonders.
It may look like a cookie now but it\’s like flattened muffins. Pfftt!!?!
Next 3rd and 4th try has already sealed the deal. I can manage baking cookies now! Woohoo! The 5th try though I tired to decrease sugar content again. Lesson learned: Look for low sugar recipe on Pinterest. Ask the experts for advise. As for my latest try  (I just had it the other night), I was able to reproduce the cookie that was called for in the recipe. Yipee!
Aside from cookies, I\’ve done leche flan using the oven (we have no steamer). I was happy to get the result that I want, a \”poreless,\” smooth and intact flan. I got the recipe from the youtube channel of Pinay Cooking Lessons.
I had Puto craving a few months ago. So I used a ready-to-make mixture but steam-baked in the oven. 
Obviously, it was an easy one. Just enough to satisfy my craving. 
For introduction to baking, tips, ingredients etc. I follow Lindsay Ann, winner of Food Network\’s Cupcake Wars. She has the best small batch recipes of cookies and cakes. If you\’re a beginner like me, it\’s best to whip up recipes in small batch. Just in case it\’s a fail, at least you don\’t waste a lot of ingredients. Joy of Baking has lots of recipes as well, from cakes to shortbreads. She has an extensive video archives of baking tutorials.
Can\’t wait to bake cupcakes. Yey!

2 thoughts on “Baking Noob

  1. I enjoy baking, but haven't done much lately…. Certain things I have made enough that I pretty much know the recipe by heart… and I've learned to visually guess on measuring some ingredients.When it comes to making something new, though, I always start with a good recipe and measure properly. After a few times, I can get a little more creative with it.Welcome to the joy of baking!~Sunfire


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