Fast Food Fix

Lots of fast food joints are available in San Diego. Most of it are not exactly approved by Seff (hubby is fitness junkie period). From time to time he lets me experience a part of it.
The fast food industry here is quite diverse. I\’m happy for the variety so there\’s a lot to choose from (aside from my fave Subway sandwiches). I also noticed the humongous servings that they have! Which makes it sulit. Most of their drinks are refillable. A small or regular sized drink will do because you can refill it anytime. This is what I call  a well deserved cheat meal. 

1. El Pollo Loco


2. Chick – Fil – A – Specializes in chicken meals. I love them because they support the military. We got free breakfast from them!


Chick Fil A Chick n Mini – Chicken in biscuit. Tastes good with their sauce ( I forgot the name)
Chicken, egg & cheese sunflower multigrain bagel for hubby.
3. Wendy\’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers – Even when I was in the PHL and SG, among the famous burger joints Wendy\’s has the best and juiciest burger in my opinion. Hubby told me that their meat are always fresh that\’s why he finds it expensive among the other burgers. 
I was thinking, how come Wendy\’s comes in a longer name/title. Hhhmmm…

I can\’t remember the name of this wrap. A healthy alternative from Wendy\’s aside from the salads.
Chili. Have to mix it with crushed crackers. It\’s delicious not too spicy.
I tried their cheese and its sinfully good.
The following are those that I wasn\’t able to photo because I was really hungry. 
6. Arby\’s

…known for slow roasted roast beef, turkey, and premium Angus beef sandwiches, sliced fresh every day. —-SOURCE

Roast Turkey and Swiss Wrap. Photo grabbed from their website.

7. Rubio\’s – First time I was here it was a Taco Tuesday. 
The Original Fish Taco
8. Stone Oven – Gourmet sandwiches and salads. 
Got this from their website.
I had their Santa Fe Hot Ham. Aside from the sandwich this includes a side item of your choice Gourmet salad, Caesar Salad, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad or Gourmet Potato Chips. So their serving are good for two people if they are diet conscious plus the drinks are refillable for sodas. 
If my brothers and sisters are here, they will surely love this food line-up.  
Till next my next foodie trip.

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