Frustrated Artist


I’ll be posting from time to time some artsy shizzles. I’m a wannabe creative. I’ve been daydreaming about this since I was a little kid. I thought it wasn’t a valid feeling, so I kinda ignored it. Art is very much apart of me and it was never gone.

As of now, I love using watercolor. The pattern pictured above was the by-product of a free watercolor tutorial by Yao Cheng from Creative Bug. I follow them as well in instagram for updates.

I just have to wait and see where will this lead me. Good luck to me.

San Diego | Little Italy

Last year I was frolicking in this hip and historic district in Downtown San Diego during my days-off.


OAWSP: Halloween

I hope you all enjoyed your sweet treats. Enjoy the Halloween lovely people!
I wasn\’t ready with my make-up and costume but, I\’m eager for the candy haul. 
Have a good night!

Trader Joe\’s

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Speculoos Cookie Butter is one of the many food trend that happened in 2012-2013. At first, I didn\’t understand why. I\’ve known about Trader Joe\’s from my husband way before the hype. I was wondering how it became an food trend. According to a friend it was shared in Instagram by Pinoy celebs. Of course, with their legion of followers everybody\’s curiosity will spark. Why would they even bother to post if it\’s not really delicious?! But I didn\’t bother to jump in the hype because it\’s mahalia jackson. Imagine they resell it for 400 pesos per piece! (Ok fine, have to pay for shipping)
I was able to try it here in the US. At hindi pa agad-agad ha! Most of the time when we visit TJ\’s in Eastlake this is what I would see from the speculoos shelves…


The cookie butter\’s taste is still very much like peanut butter with hint of ginger cookies. I find it different and unique because I never thought you can add cookies in peanut butter. Though I\’m also aware that the TJ brand is not original speculoos. I heard it hails somewhere from Europe.
Aside from the cookie butter they also have lots of organic goodies. From cookies, mini cakes, wine, chocolates, pasta, chips, fruits, veggies etc. There\’s lots to see inside aside from the cookie butter. It\’s nice to actually experience that the store has a variety to offer. 

We made the stores bigger (if you can imagine), decked the walls with cedar planks and donned our crew in cool Hawaiian shirts. Most importantly, we started putting innovative, hard-to-find, great-tasting foods in the \”Trader Joe\’s\” name. That cut our costs and saved you money. Still does. —SOURCE

The store\’s humble beginnings dates back from 1958. They have a rich history, go check out their timelime.

Photo Source 
My favorite chocolate among the rest. They also come in dark chocolate and 73% super dark chocolate with almonds.
I don\’t eat brussel sprouts but I love the calligraphy sign for it.
Is someone thinking of bringing Trader Joe\’s to Manila? I think it\’ll be better if there\’s a creation of an organic grocery store that would feature products from our local farmers and food entrepreneurs.