San Diego | Little Italy

Last year I was frolicking in this hip and historic district in Downtown San Diego during my days-off.


I’ve always been curious of Little Italy. I ride the trolley most of the time. The green line has a stop at the County Center/Little Italy. From where I came from and places I’ve been, Chinatown is almost everywhere. I only heard of Little Italy when I came in San Diego. I made time to go, when Artwalk SD happened. Since then, I drop by whenever I have the chance. Here are some of the things that I photographed that I would love to share to you. ( Let’s decode this into something like: “I’m too lazy to post in instagram and collated it into one long blog post. LOL!“).

Artwalk SD 2015

I love every nook and cranny of this event. Sensory overload at it’s finest! I’m a frustrated artist, looking at artworks motivates me to pursue art. It also inspires me to continue my craft.Untitled

The crowd and the booths at the fair.Untitled

Around 12 noon the streets are full.Untitled

What amazes was the amount of people present  but, it doesn’t look (and even feel) overcrowded.Untitled

After all the walking, I was starving. I went to the least crowded pizzeria.Untitled

I just love how a pizza can be so good, fresh and non-greasy all at the same time. Untitled

One of the perks of attending a fair/bazaar: FREEBIES! May it be free products or information, I love it! Thank you dear sponsor for making this event possible.Untitled

This is the first artwork  I saw as I walked towards Cedar Street.Untitled



I’ve seen this place in social media before attending the Artwalk SD. But at that time of Artwalk, they were full. I decided to comeback for them the next time around. Untitled

The thing is, I keep on coming back.Untitled

Holy Cannoli. It was my first time to eat a cannoli.Untitled

I never heard of Porcini mushrooms until before this pizza.Untitled

By far, the best Tiramisu I ever tasted!Untitled

The taste of the cream gave me lots of hints with the ingredients used.Untitled


iDessert by Jean – Philippe

I found out about this place because I follow @kirbiecravings on instagram. I missed the chance to visit the Jean-Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas. At least I have something here in SD that I can try, while waiting for the next Vegas trip.Untitled

This is a very fresh concept on dessert dining. This is the first time I experienced something unique as this. Untitled

To order, they have these iPads inside the store. Enter your name.Untitled

Select your choice of ice cream theme. You can manually select all the ingredients if you want to. I just chose Chef Jean-Philippe’s Favorites. You can check out more of it here.Untitled

Afterwards, you pay with your card or cash. They call out your name to claim your order.Untitled

I haven’t been back in a while. I would like to try the sundaes and milkshakes. They have sweet treats for to-go as well. Untitled

This is my Chef’s Favorites Cozy Vegas BowlUntitled

A mild combination of chocolatey goodness in one bowl.Untitled

I like the concept. It fascinates me of the things you can do with ice cream. I find it expensive to be honest. But still, the food lover in me says it’s not bad to indulge occasionally. I’ll be trying the other desserts the next time around.


Extraordinary Desserts

Dessert Heaven!


I’ve been here twice. But the first was in their 5th Avenue branch.Untitled

Every time I eat their desserts, it was love at first bite.Untitled


Blick Art Materials

Art supplies heaven! Untitled

The perfect combination of shopping and food trip all in one place.Untitled


Piazza Basilone



San Diego County Center

It’s just opposite of Little Italy. All you need is to cross the road from the trolley station. This building is also connected to the waterfront park, that I need to visit soon. According to my husband, this is the one place that you need to remember when living in San Diego. We go here to pay for our taxes.Untitled

Till next time, Little Italy! 🙂

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