Mid-Week Round Up || November 7, 2018

I had a blast (as usual) on Halloween. By 7pm, I finished all my candies! Yey! I felt bad at some point because of my early cut-off. Next year, what I have in mind is to pack sets of candy in small bags and just hand it over to them. I gave the kids the liberty to choose.

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Music Monday | Bear Sachet Honda Floor


One random day, I was checking out my sister KC’s IG stories.

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The Sunday Currently || 001

I learned about TSC while lurking at Maine Mendoza‘s blog (way before the Aldub phenomenon). This is a nice weekly habit and another way for me to post in real time šŸ‘šŸ¼. Find out more about TSC here.
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Hello 2017!



Been MIA for a while.

I’m going to rewire my ways on how I blog. IĀ observed my blog planning behaviorĀ the past few months. I was obsessed with making it super pretty, perfect Ā and aesthetically pleasing. When the truth is, I’m not even near perfect. It led me nowhere at all! I have no problem creatingĀ content (e.g. photos and videos). The process of writing a story is what irks me the most, grammar-wise.

I’ve been blogging since I was in college. I was inspired by my classmate KC BeriƱa to start a blogspot account since I saw her blog’s URL at the UST-CON Computer Lab. I was inspired to actually blog because of Clarence Ceniza because I just love reading his life experiences. Since then, I was very keen to do blogging for as long as I can.

The times has changed though. Social media and video blogging (vlog) has emerged as the new digital trends in the ever-changing world of the internet. Will that stop me from blogging? Nope! I’m very much active with social media (except for twitter) and just started a Youtube channel. I want to pursue this because I have dreams of maybe one day publishing a book, be an artist of my own caliber and just be inspirational.

I’ll make things SIMPLE and STRAIGHT to the point. I’ll write in Tagalog, English or a combination of both. I will still proof-read my posts. Kung may mali kebs! Tao lang. I-edit ko na lang especially kung may magcorrect sa akin.Ā I won’t take it negatively against me.

As for photo-taking, I will definitely try and experiment ways to shoot.Ā Editing: Ā I just want to keep it bright andĀ clear. With video-shooting and editing, my main goal is keeping is simple and non-dizzying (apparently, IĀ pan excessively šŸ˜… )

To start the year, I did a “dramatic” time-lapse video. Another “first milestone” upon starting my vlog.

Ā Ā 

Enjoy! šŸ˜Š

Amtrak Ride from San Diego to Anaheim

This is just a short video of me and my brother Christopher during his 2014 visit. We’re on our way to Anaheim and getting dizzy inside a teacup.


ItĀ also served as reminder, Ā that I shouldn’t have stopped shooting videos. Everything now areĀ on videos whichĀ are, easilyĀ accessible as you use the potty. I could’ve improved since then.

Everything’s been said and done. I’ve started filming/shooting again. It’s always never too late to start all over.


Ageing Goals

Age is just a number. If I stress too much about it, the more likely I will look and feel old. I’m handling it pretty well though. A few weeks ago, I was in a Hillcrest bar for an event. The bouncer insisted on checking my ID. I told him, I’m 30. He was like “wow” and let me getĀ in. It’s a niceĀ feeling.

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