The Sunday Currently || 045


Just stayed at home when the initial plan is to go out. Tinamad na ako tapos mainit pa baka magwala lang si Kulinggit. Everyone is possibly out today because it’s the Labor Day Weekend after all. Kulinggit had a fever the past 2 days due to her vaccinations so I’m also keeping a close watch. We just did the usual today, eat, nap, VC with mom and dad, check the garden, clean up stuff then eat and nap again 😅.

The Sunday Currently || 043


I missed 2 Sundays…on purpose. I feel there is nothing to talk about. Joseph asked me to sleep early but I don’t feel like it. I’ll just dry my hair, do some massage and update the blog.

My daughter is now 3 months old! Totoo nga na days are slow, years are fast.

The Sunday Currently || 042


Went to Legoland a few days ago, para ipasyal si Kulinggit. Ako lang ang nagselfie dahil hindi interesado ang asawa ko at wala naman muwang ang anak ko 😅. But we have our pictures naman, katamad nga lang mag-edit.

I only have a few more minutes to do this. Soooooo let’s go!

The Sunday Currently || 037


Woke up around almost 8AM upon hearing my kulinggit crying for milk. I told Joseph to prep the milk and he sleepily obliged. She finished the milk in a heartbeat…Anak nga kita, sa isip-isip ko 😅. I had her burp, changed her diapers and swaddled. Itinabi ko sa daddy niya then I went on for my morning ME time. Afterwards, I prepared kulinggit’s vitamin D. Ginising ko na si Joseph so he can eat. I’m just waiting for kulinggit to wake up anytime while doing TSC.

I also heard the good news that Ronnel (best cousin ever – dad’s side) just became a dad. The family tree is expanding! Congratulations 🥰🥰🥰 ! It’s time for a new family pic! Last time we had one was year 1994. Kasama na dapat mga anakis ng mga apo.

The Sunday Currently || 029


Woke up early today and did some personal stuff online. I have a long day ahead of me, might as well do TSC now 😜.