The Sunday Currently || 047


Woke up early from my mornight sleep. I tried going back to sleep but the need to use the loo and the urge to check my phone didn’t made it easy. My fault. I can still hear my Kulinggit crying. Baka inaantok na. Then I hear her dad’s singing voice, alam na this 😅.

A lot has happened when I came back to work since I became a mom. I should say going to work made it more purposeful. There is no reason to be lazy. I also want to commend my husband for being very much hands-on with Kulinggit’s care. Magaling na nga siya mag-alaga ng bata 😊. I want to tell more stories but I will be going back to work later.

READING – Webtoon comics.

WRITING – This + my to-do lists in my planner. #momlife on top of #worklife 🤷‍♀️.

LISTENING – The sounds of my massager. Should I get a new one? 🤔

THINKING – Anong ulam?

SMELLING – Mix of kimchi and roasted chicken.

WISHING – I have unlimited money with no consequences. Is that even valid?

HOPING – Matapos na ang pandemic ano ba?!!!!!!!


LOVING – My moleskin planner, like what I mentioned on my IG story. I mention ko na lang ulet.

WANTING – My kitchen trio: Zojirushi breadmaker, airfryer and Kitchen Aid mixer.

NEEDING – Deep tissue massage.


CLICKING – My email. I need to reply to this one important stuff.


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