The Sunday Currently || 046


Kulinggit is taking a nap. I’m simmering chicken pork adobo on the stove for lunch. Nothing special happening today, just the usual Sunday for us. We just want to stay at home para hindi uminit ang ulo namin dahil sa init.

7 hours later…

O diba, motherhood changed me a lot. Pati ang blog post may gap continuation 😅. In the 7 hour gap, I did my mom duties with matching basang kili-kili, chapped lips at gure-gureng buhok. Isama mo na ang nanlilimahid kong mukha na may leave-on facial mask na until now hindi ko pa naririnse. Pero kung sa ika-aayos naman ng anakis ko, ayos lang. More to come pa ang mom duty ganaps, please bear with me.

READING – Webtoons pa din!


LISTENING – Kulinggit’s coos

THINKING – Anong masarap kainin ngayon?

SMELLING – Kulinggit’s laway at lungad 🤷‍♀️.

WISHING – Matulog na si Kulinggit. Para ako din.

HOPING – Hindi mainit bukas.

WEARING – PJ dress.

LOVING – Rakuten. Been getting cash back since 2017 (formerly Ebates). I shop online more often because I love the cash back perks and discounts. The link is a referral code. If you spend $30, I get $30. I’m not their ambassador. #notsponsored #notanAD #justareferral #bekenemen

WANTING – A new purse. Magwawala na si Joseph niyan 😂. #balasiyajan

NEEDING  Parang gusto ko ng pedicure plus the kutkot ingrown. It’s hard to find a nail salon for that kind of service 😅.

FEELING – Hungry. I need to control my appetite though. #iwasdiabeetus

CLICKING – I was today years old when I found out the Kate Spade’s outlet website. I am literally surprised.


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