The Sunday Currently || 046


Kulinggit is taking a nap. I’m simmering chicken pork adobo on the stove for lunch. Nothing special happening today, just the usual Sunday for us. We just want to stay at home para hindi uminit ang ulo namin dahil sa init.

7 hours later…

O diba, motherhood changed me a lot. Pati ang blog post may gap continuation 😅. In the 7 hour gap, I did my mom duties with matching basang kili-kili, chapped lips at gure-gureng buhok. Isama mo na ang nanlilimahid kong mukha na may leave-on facial mask na until now hindi ko pa naririnse. Pero kung sa ika-aayos naman ng anakis ko, ayos lang. More to come pa ang mom duty ganaps, please bear with me.

The Sunday Currently || 039


Joseph woke me up when I thought he was telling me that he wants to eat. Sabi ko edi kumain ka na. “Hindi si baby gusto ng kumain.” Turns out nagising siya sa iyak ni Kulinggit. Ako naman ay hilo pa sa antok 😅.

Binati ko na ng Happy Father’s Day si Joseph kagabi because we are still awake past midnight. This is his first Father’s Day.

The Best Time To Shop

Season clearance and right after Christmas Day, December 26. Pffttt forget about Black Friday.

Ladies…Enjoy this time of the year.


Zatchels VS. Cambridge Satchel Company et. al.

Old school = Cool School
I first saw the old school Satchels (The Cambridge Satchel Company) from my fave blogger Ms. Chuvaness. I love its neat and preppy finish. But the feature that I hate is the closure. You really have to painstakingly open and close the belt-like snaps. Aargghh FUSSY! It\’s a NO for me due to the price range and bag closures. It was only available by shipping from UK so it was easy to let go.
Then I come to SG and encountered these beauties again. At Tang\’s Vivo City, they have the Zatchels. The look and feel are very much the same with CSC but they have more variety (speaking in terms of design and structure). A little cheaper than CSC. The sales person is Pinoy, muntik na akong bumili, maganda ang sales talk niya lalo na kapag nakakapag-Tagalog hehehe. If it wasn\’t for those fussy closures I could have bought one right away.
The other time I visited the newly renovated Tang\’s Orchard. On the 3rd or 4th floor (I think) they have the iconic CSC. For me it has a cleaner and more polished finish. If not for those fussy closure, I could have got ten one too…aarrghh!
The Cambridge Satchel Company
I\’ve tried looking for alternatives (aka cheaper versions) or so I thought. Like the Comme de Garcon X Cambridge Satchel Company collab. I even went to the Hilton CDG at Orchard road, but was already sold-out. It costs SGD 450. It has magnetic snap closure and it serves as a shoulder bag.

For Filipino made Satchels, we have the School of Satchels who are finalists at the Multiply Origination Awards for Best Fashion Forward Idea. They utilize leather from our country and craftmanship is not bad. I have an acquiantance who purchased from them, she loves it. The reviews are good so it\’s worth a try.

Then I saw the Kate Spade Satchels. It comes in with magnetic snaps and its Mahalia Jackson than the rest (SGD 600++).

Kate Spade at Takashimaya
The Verdict: Not my priority for now. Maybe next time. Mahalia Jackson talaga!