The Sunday Currently || 039


Joseph woke me up when I thought he was telling me that he wants to eat. Sabi ko edi kumain ka na. “Hindi si baby gusto ng kumain.” Turns out nagising siya sa iyak ni Kulinggit. Ako naman ay hilo pa sa antok 😅.

Binati ko na ng Happy Father’s Day si Joseph kagabi because we are still awake past midnight. This is his first Father’s Day.

3 hours after

While I was typing this TSC, I needed to use the loo. Afterwards, I felt sleepy after using my phone. Sabay na kami gumising ni kulinggit for her feeding then her bath.

READING – I’m still on Severino Reyes’ Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang Volume 1. Finished 2 stories last night for my Kulinggit. Marya Makiling and Lokohan sa Langit. Of course, my subscriptions on Web Toons.

WRITING – Nothing. Just a lot of forms to fill up after this.

LISTENING – Kulinggit’s baby talk.

THINKING – Which of my tasks should I do first.


WISHING – I don’t need to use sunscreen during daytime and have flawless skin forever 😅. #dreamonshrimp

HOPING – Everything will fall into place with the plan of care for our Kulinggit once we are back in the workforce.

WEARING – Pambahay T-shirt and p*kpek shorts 😅.

LOVING – Tony Moly Moisture Boost – Cooling Hydrogel Eye Patches. I’m wearing one right now and I applied it wrong 😅. #sabaw

WANTING – A Chanel Wallet on Chain preferably black in color. Chanel Slingback. I can dream right?! #dreamonshrimppart2

NEEDING – To do stuff. Like a lot!

FEELING – Relaxed

CLICKING – Aside from the Chanel website. I’ve been checking out stuff from the Nordstrom Half Year Sale. #dreamonshrimppart3


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