The Sunday Currently || 039


Joseph woke me up when I thought he was telling me that he wants to eat. Sabi ko edi kumain ka na. “Hindi si baby gusto ng kumain.” Turns out nagising siya sa iyak ni Kulinggit. Ako naman ay hilo pa sa antok 😅.

Binati ko na ng Happy Father’s Day si Joseph kagabi because we are still awake past midnight. This is his first Father’s Day.

The Sunday Currently || 038


I’m now sitting in the recliner with my handy-dandy neck massager. My kulinggit and Joseph are still sleeping and I have all this time to myself. I started to walk again after a few weeks of not doing so. It felt good, nabuhay ang mga kalamnan ko 😅. I’m able to walk one of my uphill routes without the perineal flinch 😬. Napawisan din ako, na maganda sa pakiramdam 🥰. I thought of going back to Pure Barre classes since it’s been more than 6 weeks since I gave birth. Payag naman si Joseph.

The Sunday Currently || 032


Anytime soon, I’ll be giving birth! Joseph just finished deep cleaning the carpets and cleaning the windows. I’ve been a useless a** for the last 2 weeks! I’ve been extra tired x10, sleep less at night/more in the day, hungrier than ever and I feel my baby’s movement more often. I walk like a penguin and I have heavier breathing more than ever! I’m excited and scared. We are almost ready but I feel like madami pang kelangan gawin. I have yet to pack my hospital bag, I’m almost done filling-up my admission packet, I have a 2 more appointments to go etc. etc. Argghhhh! What other things do I need to do???!!!!!!!!!!! Kalurkey!