The Sunday Currently || 032


Anytime soon, I’ll be giving birth! Joseph just finished deep cleaning the carpets and cleaning the windows. I’ve been a useless a** for the last 2 weeks! I’ve been extra tired x10, sleep less at night/more in the day, hungrier than ever and I feel my baby’s movement more often. I walk like a penguin and I have heavier breathing more than ever! I’m excited and scared. We are almost ready but I feel like madami pang kelangan gawin. I have yet to pack my hospital bag, I’m almost done filling-up my admission packet, I have a 2 more appointments to go etc. etc. Argghhhh! What other things do I need to do???!!!!!!!!!!! Kalurkey!

READING – Forms that needs to be filled-up

WRITING – After this, a to-do list! I’m so off this past two weeks. Grabe! Feeling ko wala akong silbi!

LISTENING – My husband’s snoring. Tulog na siya. He’s busy the whole weekend.

THINKING – Ano pa ba ang dapat gawin? bilhin? Ano? Ano?! Ano!!!!!!!


WISHING – I could do everything mala Barry Allen

HOPING – Everything’s going to be fine.

WEARING-  PJ’s. What’s new 😅

LOVING – The space in our room. Joseph rearranged some stuff.

WANTING – A Levain Cookie!

NEEDING – I still need my Deep Tissue Massage.

FEELING – Paranoid. Every move I make, I feel like I’m contracting. Yun pala, I’ll just let out a big fart 😅. The baby is squeezing my entire digestive system. Syempre damay-damay na ang urinary, cardiovascular and respiratory system 😂

CLICKING – Prenatal classes in youtube.


Side note: It’s my first time to use a GIF in my post. So hurray for that 🥰.

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