The Sunday Currently || 033


Waiting na kumulo ang niluluto kong ulam. I’m cooking sinigang na salmon and before that, I baked a copycat recipe of Levain cookies. This is my third try for this cookie, because somewhere along the recipe, I could’ve made a mistake. Tapos hindi rin kinaya ng pipitsugin kong mixer 😂. It was a hard cookie recipe on the account of using a cold butter. I’ll just order na lang sa Levain after giving birth 😅.

Pregnancy-wise, I’m currently on a waiting game. I’m just waiting for it to happen and I will be talking to my OB after this weekend 😀.

READING – Webtoon comics. Some of my subscribed comics are updating more often.

WRITING – To-do list na walang katapusan.

LISTENING – Prenatal class Part 2 and Parokya ni Edgar’s Halaga

THINKING – What else do I need to do?


WISHING – Na game over na ang pandemic.

HOPING – For a safe delivery.

WEARING –  T-shirt and velvet pants. My transition PJ for warmer weather 😄.

LOVING – Pregnancy pillow. Helps a lot!

WANTING – Levain Cookie, Bibingka Galapong and a Starbucks Chocolate Frappucino 😭

NEEDING – Deep Tissue Massage. Pero after birth ni baby na lang.

FEELING – Excited and nervous.

CLICKING – Pre-natal class on Youtube. It’s supposed to be a classroom type of teaching but because of the Covid-19 pandemic they cancelled the classes for now and the labor & delivery tours.

So far this is the best (and sensible) class I found on YT.


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