The Sunday Currently || 038


I’m now sitting in the recliner with my handy-dandy neck massager. My kulinggit and Joseph are still sleeping and I have all this time to myself. I started to walk again after a few weeks of not doing so. It felt good, nabuhay ang mga kalamnan ko 😅. I’m able to walk one of my uphill routes without the perineal flinch 😬. Napawisan din ako, na maganda sa pakiramdam 🥰. I thought of going back to Pure Barre classes since it’s been more than 6 weeks since I gave birth. Payag naman si Joseph.

Ang bigat na ng anakis ko 😅. Kaloka sa bigat! Kaya I need my massager every time and DTM sessions at least every now and then. It seems like yesterday when she came out of my womb na parang butiki at pinangdilatan kami 😂. And now, dilat na dilat pa din siya plus the added weight for G&D! I’m just glad she is happy and healthy 🥰.

READING – Webtoons. Currently enjoying Midnight Poppy Land. Yummy si Tora 😆.


LISTENING – I can hear the birds chirping outside, literally!

THINKING – What to cook?


WISHING – We can just travel without any issues! I’m itching to go to either Hawaii or Mexico.

HOPING – For the best especially in the next coming montths.

WEARING– Pambahay. Puruntong shorts and crop top.

LOVING – I tried using the free sample of Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream. I got it when I bought the exfoliator of the same brand. I’m in awe! The most light and hydrating moisturizer that I’ve tried! I’m going to buy more of it.

WANTING – To shop for shoes. I don’t know why I have the sudden impulse of wanting more shoes. I don’t even go out often 😂.

NEEDING – To go somewhere new.

FEELING – Sleepy. I will take a nap after this.

CLICKING – Amazon. I bought some needed stuff for myself and the home front. I was also browsing the Chanel website recently, looking at stuff that I can’t afford 😅


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