The Sunday Currently || 045


Just stayed at home when the initial plan is to go out. Tinamad na ako tapos mainit pa baka magwala lang si Kulinggit. Everyone is possibly out today because it’s the Labor Day Weekend after all. Kulinggit had a fever the past 2 days due to her vaccinations so I’m also keeping a close watch. We just did the usual today, eat, nap, VC with mom and dad, check the garden, clean up stuff then eat and nap again 😅.

We also found out today that my husband’s aunt passed away 🥺. Tita I will always remember your kindness to me and my family. My fondest memory of you is you are so maasikaso and I remember you telling me the story of why Nanay grew up with your relatives and takes a different surname. Sayang, hindi mo na nakita si Kulinggit. Rest in paradise Tita.

READING – Webtoons


LISTENING – I can hear the sound of the washing machine and dryer.

THINKING – A lot of stuff.


WISHING – I’m within my ideal body weight but I can eat all the calories in the world 🥲. #iyaktawa

HOPING – This pandemic is over. Parang nakailang TSC na ako na either hope or wish ko ito. Kaimbyerna na kasi eh.

WEARING – T-shirt and pekp*k shorts

LOVING – Tried this eyeliner that I got from Marukai Market. Love Liner Liquid. I’m throwing all my existing eyeliners! Where have you been all my life 😭.

WANTING – A lot of stuff. But I also want unlimited money 😂.

NEEDING – Money pa din. Gusto ko lang may dumarating na cash sa bank account ko kahit hindi ako nagtatrabaho. Pero hindi ganon ang buhay. Ang sugar baby nga eh, they work hard na magpacute so they can get their anda. Wala ng libre ngayon kundi and mangarap. So ayan nangangarap akong gising ngayon 😂.

FEELING – Overwhelmed. Dami lang iniisip.

CLICKING – Just checking my e-mail.


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