Nostalgic Tuesday: L.M. Guerrero Street


My most memorable place that I\’ve stayed while working in Manila. The place is like a symbol of our somewhat \’liberation\’ from our quasi-independent life. This room has been a witness of our ups and downs/highlights and lowlights. 

The trusty ol\’ industrial fan. It\’s now being used at our new nook
These are some photos that I found from my portable hard drive…I\’ll try to collate more, but you have to forgive me because most of them are cam-whoring face shots. LOL :p
Some of my pa-artsy shot. Especially if I\’m not doing anything.

If I can turn back time. I could have been more vigilant in cleaning the room, arranging our stuff, have taken easy on hoarding and should have bought the necessary and important piece of furniture that could have saved us space. Somethings that we could see at ikea hacks and apartment therapy ;).
So today its not a surprise that I have few loots here in SG because I\’ve appreciated the essence of space-saving, element of mix and match, importance of necessary furniture so on and so forth. Well I have to because moving in and out from one house to another is a common occurrence for expats(Because most of the time HDB flats here are only on 1 year contract at the most. We\’re lucky because our landlord is very considerate and understanding). Even my mom and sis KC was surprised that I have few things and I even asked them to take home a few.


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