We Are The LEGO Kids

One of our toys when we were young is the Lego Fabuland, the theme park set. I remember dad bought it somewhere from one of his trips abroad. Its one of our most memorable pasalubong because we\’re allowed to play with it at hindi pang display lang
Cast of Characters from Fabuland
I remember we are making up stories from the characters, doing other kind of lego structures and basically play with it. As time passed, since some of the pieces are small we lost them one by one. Though our younger brother was still able to use some of it its already incomplete. Those were the times when there\’s no internet, PC, iPod, Facebook or instagram. We have to rely on our imagination. We had fun, seriously. I just wish we had another set of Lego during that time. 
A few days ago, as I was browsing deals, one of the deals was a coach and entrance tickets to Legoland in Malaysia. I was like, I know I\’ve heard there are plans but I didn\’t know that the place is finishing and will be opening up on 15th September 2012. I wouldn\’t want to miss this. This time it\’s a larger than life reliving of memories because I\’ll be exploring the whole of Legoland soon. YEHEY!!!
Map of  Legoland
According to my husband, Legoland caters mostly for kids though there are rides for adults to enjoy. But mostly it\’s a kiddy theme park. No problem with me though. I\’m excited… 🙂

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