What\’s Cooking?

I always say food brings people together, no matter where it takes place and what kind of food is being served. It is something universal that everyone enjoys and it can be a bonding experience for all. – Moonberry blog

I have to agree with Ms. Moonberry, FOOD = togetherness. I enjoy reading blogs, looking at photos, spending time with family and friends that involves eating and bonding.

Its just that, the past few days that I\’ve been working and cooking for my baon. Most of the time, I\’m alone. I don\’t mind eating alone it\’s just that, eating could be more fun if I eat together with my husband, my sibs, mom and dad. I miss them really. Especially now that I\’m experimenting on cooking and trying out healthier options with it. 

That is in preparation of being a hostess for our visitors, friends on my future address. As my husband told me that I should know more a lot about recipes which beforehand I\’m already trying to. Food mags, TLC southeast asia, pinterest, food blogs, get-togethers, old recipes and travels has been my source of inspiration for cooking

Clockwise from top left: Stir-fried lean pork, Lean pork with corn, Lean pork with broccoli, Adobong, manok (My fave!)
Pasta with tomatoes and oiled sardines, menudo with roasted peanuts, Menudo with roasted peanuts, and the Lean pork with broccoli again.

It\’s fun to experiment and its cheaper with home cooked meals mind you especially if you\’re with a good crowd. Priceless…
A Happy Sunday to Everyone

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