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I\’ve done mixtapes because it came to a time that I can\’t afford buying albums anymore. I will either wait for my song in the radio or ask a friend who has the album of the artist (cassette/CD) to make a copy for me. Watch the video below.
I am forever thankful with the present technology for music but, cassette tapes are sentimental to me. Mom and dad (he works as a sailor) literally used cassette tapes as \”voicemail\” aside from snail mails, scheduled phone calls and telegrams. I was able to listen with one of it. I heard my four year old self saying hi and goodnight to dad (awwww moment). I remember saving up for Backstreet Boys cassette albums because we don\’t have a CD player  and CD\’s are expensive. Aaahhhh those were the days…
How about you? What were your experience with mixtapes or the cassette tape era?

4 thoughts on “Mixtapes

  1. You make a very great point about mixtapes and cd in general…we had to put effort into getting the music we wanted it wasnt a click a way and i think it made us respect the craft more everything is so disposable now.


  2. ang pinakauna kong cassette tape ay Jagged Little Pill na dinayo ko pa sa Parksquare Odyssey dahil sold-out kahit saan. Mas mahal pa ng P10 dahil ito ay \”deluxe\”. Ahahahaha.


  3. Jagged little pill din and It's all coming back to me now ni Celine Dion ang una kong cassette tape. Sa Uniwide Warehouse ko binili dun sa kinatatayuan ng Malayan College ngayon. Pamasko ko ang pinangbili ko dun. Totoo pag deluxe mas mahal ng 10 pesos pero sikat ka sa school kapag meron kang kanta na wala dun sa ordinary tape. Ahahahahaha


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