Wordless Wednesday – 23



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I\’ve done mixtapes because it came to a time that I can\’t afford buying albums anymore. I will either wait for my song in the radio or ask a friend who has the album of the artist (cassette/CD) to make a copy for me. Watch the video below.
I am forever thankful with the present technology for music but, cassette tapes are sentimental to me. Mom and dad (he works as a sailor) literally used cassette tapes as \”voicemail\” aside from snail mails, scheduled phone calls and telegrams. I was able to listen with one of it. I heard my four year old self saying hi and goodnight to dad (awwww moment). I remember saving up for Backstreet Boys cassette albums because we don\’t have a CD player  and CD\’s are expensive. Aaahhhh those were the days…
How about you? What were your experience with mixtapes or the cassette tape era?

Film Photography Explained

The Analogs
The Analogs by Miss Wander Girl
I lived through the age of film photography. Watching this video from Buzzfeed pretty much sums up my 90\’s experience of film photos. 

Going through our family photos, one could notice chronological gaps:

  1. There was a time when we can\’t afford to develop a film because it\’s expensive. I remember just buying the 12 shot films because it was cheaper than the 24 and 36. It\’s also cheaper when developed. Those were the times that we need to at least have some \”remembrance\” of a family moment. 
  2. Our camera (Canon Pixma) has a different kind of battery and it was expensive. And difficult to find.
  3. As for my personal issues, I was fat so my face looks siopao. I have no idea yet of \”angles\”. There came a time that I lost weight and my chin didn\’t compliment my face (I hate the shitty body image disturbance era in my teenage years!). Most of the time, I refuse for a solo picture. I was too hard on myself back then (sheesh!). If I had known what I know now siguro mas madami akong good memories.

I can\’t delete, redo nor see the photo after shooting.  Selfies are a big no-no and a total waste of frames. My dream camera back then was a Polaroid.

I learned about re-copying photos by borrowing the films used. It\’s  a cheap alternative but photos are likely to be darker in shade. It was a complete hassle when others want to borrow the film as well. Patience was not my greatest virtue back then. Sometimes, I just don\’t bother following up and leave it.

That\’s why I\’m thankful for digital photography (I think relieved is the most appropriate word it). It has its pros and cons. On a personal level , it has stopped the chronological gap of remembering our special moments and memories. 


Jollibee in SG

One of the staple pasalubong or request from friends visiting or coming back from their annual leave (from PHL to SG) is the Jollibee Chicken Joy. It\’s truly nakakamiss because it\’s like no other. The taste is authentically Pinoy. Juicy meat, crispy skin, delectable gravy makes my stomach grumble with hunger. 
When I was a kid, Jollibee is our happy place. It\’s just so fun to be there because aside from eating we get to play in their indoor playground. Mom even signed me up to the Jolly Kiddie Club and I get to receive newsletter every two months, if I\’m not mistaken.
Imagine our delight when we found out that Jollibee has opened. Yehey! It\’s about time! USA, Vietnam, Hongkong et.al. has been enjoying it for so long (even Anthony Bourdain has a say about it). Now it\’s Singapore\’s turn. 
I heard that the first day it opened, the queue was CRAZY! I heard they don\’t close until 2 AM in the morning just to accommodate people who waited. What surprised me the most are the locals especially my colleagues at work would ask me about it. That made them curious. Good thing, Jolibee is Halal-certified so our  Malay brothers and sisters can enjoy it as well. 
I can say the opening is a success. They are already planning on opening a second branch. As for the naysayers…God bless you.
After all the hype, I was able to try it with my friends. The best part is, LIBRE ni Ate Jenet. Thank you 🙂
Ate Jenet, Jay Cee, Me
Photo courtesy of Jay Cee

OAWSP: The Duck Face and Tiger Look

In LOLSpeak

 I HAZ ITT!!!!

This is my \”inarbor\” baby picture of my friend and HS classmate Tin-Tin. It\’s amazing that she was able to keep it all this time.
Thanks for the nostalgia Tin 🙂

Fine Dining – Short Film

I\’m doing some short film round-up for the past few days. I\’m hooked really. I remember John Red being interviewed in 5 and up about short films, pretty interesting shiz if you ask me. He mentioned something about a film that only lasted for 3 seconds. I find it weird but cool for my 6/7 year old brain. 

The film is very heartwarming. I smiled and cried at the same time. I felt the love that this movie wants to transcend.

Filipino filmmaker Lance Katigbak, 18, won the People’s Choice award at the recent Manhattan International Film Festival in New York. His short film, Fine Dining, bested 14 entries from the United States, United Kingdom, India, Belgium, Rwanda, among other countries.