The Sunday Currently || 009


My main IG is deactivated, by far the noisiest social media that I have (Mental note to self: Thank God, I’m not on twitter). I need peace. And for everything else, just keep on reading…

READING – None, but I’m thinking of purchasing Crazy Rich Asians trilogy.

WRITING – None, I’m so unproductive ugghhh!!!!

LISTEN – The G-drive is doing it’s work.

THINKING – When I will write the prompts for my next vlog?

SMELLING – Clothes off the dryer. Nice!

WISHING – I can be more productive.

HOPING – I can accomplish what I need to do.

WEARING- PJ dress. $5++ from Walmart.

LOVING – Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theory vids. Don’t watch it at night. Also the gossip vids from the toxic beauty community in YT. I love drama. LOL

WANTING – A 3 axis gimbal or a new compact mirrorless camera.

NEEDING – A pedicure and eyebrow threading.

FEELING – the need to work later, to earn more money. LOL

CLICKING – I’m trying to grow my YT channel and FB page.


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